Advanced Design Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 308-310

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Chen Lee, Hill Wu

Abstract: The electrical characteristics of an interconnection system, which include impedance, insertion loss, and return loss, can greatly affect...

Authors: Yuan Dong Chen, Shu Mei Chen

Abstract: This article study something about establishing virtual prototype of axial piston pump based on the type of Vikers PVH98. Use ADAMS software...

Authors: Geng Sheng Yan, Hu Yuan Zhang, Xiao Dong Wang, Min Li, Tian Yu Zhao

Abstract: The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. n this investigation, laboratory permeability tests were...

Authors: Qiu Xiang Chang

Abstract: Many scholars have developed a lot of flexible modules used on Hydraulic press, but to reduce costs such as the producing cost and the...

Authors: Li Rong Wan, Zai Chang Wang

Abstract: The paper first put CAD/CAE technology into the domain of hydraulic excavator research and exploitation. It was focused on the analysis of...

Authors: Chuan Bo Liu, Cheng Zhang

Abstract: In order to research the cooling performance of engine water jacket, the CFD method and the software Fluent were used to analyze and...

Authors: Wei Wang, Qiang Ming Xiao, Pei Lin Li, Hui Zhang

Abstract: According to the significance of the contact between mechanical surfaces and the deficiency of the study at present, the finite element...

Authors: Wei Qing Ling, Jian Wang

Abstract: In view of the issues of computational method combined execution that need parameters transfer in the process of complex product engineering...

Authors: Li Fu Li

Abstract: The thermal control indicators CAE methods of Space optical remote sensor are analyzed in the presented work. We sat up a thermal optical...

Authors: Nian Qin Guo, Wei Ping Huang, Jing Yao Lin

Abstract: The entity model of the combining vibrating screen was built and leaded into the multi-rigidbody dynamics software called Adams. Its...


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