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Authors: Xin Mu Zhou, Yong Xiu Li
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Abstract:The particle sizes of some superfine powders were comparatively determined using Malvern Zetasizer Nano-ZS90 and Omecls-601A laser particle...
Authors: Li Fang Yang, Wen Li Chen, Fan Yu Meng
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Abstract:Full consideration and prediction of noise problem of product will be helpful to improve its quality, shorten production period and reduce...
Authors: Feng Ling Li, Meng Xu, Hui Liu
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Abstract:Abstract. Yarn tension controlling at heart is tuning servo-motor speed on a restricted range. In this paper, we proposed an advanced model...
Authors: Li Hui Yang, Mi Lin Zhang, Cun Guo Lin, Jian Hua Wu
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Abstract:Molybdate conversion coatings were prepared on AZ31B Mg alloy in a molybdate based solution with additives of sodium fluoride (NaF) or...
Authors: Jian Yong Song, Ya Mei Yu, Shuo Zhang
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Abstract:The nonlinear shear buckling of corrugated steel webs is completed by ANSYS. Consistent mode imperfection method is adopted for simulating...
Authors: Xiang Chen, Xin Jun Liu
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Abstract:This paper focuses on an approach to topology optimization and its engineering application. Based on SIMP (Solid Isotropic Microstructure...
Authors: Xing Xing Li, Ben Niu Zhang, Zhi Xiang Zhou, Lian Tang
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Abstract:Structural health monitoring is a promising way for evaluating the integrity and safety of large-scale bridges, and crack monitoring is...
Authors: Tai Yan Kam, B. W. Wang, H. M. Su
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Abstract:The development process of a glass-fabric composite wind turbine blade is presented. A finite element model is constructed for the design and...
Authors: Zhi Qi Huang
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Abstract:The thesis builds the optimization model for the self-balacing torsion bar, On the basis of the Ant Colony Algorithm, designs the Ant Colony...
Authors: Tian Hu Liu
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Abstract:In order to detect litchi fruit under nature scenes, an identification method was studied. A simple process was proposed to segment the image...
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