Advanced Design Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 308-310

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Biao Huang

Abstract: Compiled nc programs, perfect quality parts processing of nc machining process, is compiling personnel, nc machining operation personnel...

Authors: Yu Peng Qian, Xiao Wei Zhang, Ying Bo Zhu

Abstract: In this paper, a new method of the preparation of mica composite insulation material without making mica paper is introduced. Firstly, the...

Authors: Xiao Sheng Wang, Qian Yu

Abstract: The modern embedded multimedia electronic devices rely on dynamically-allocated data structures to store and process their data, as a...

Authors: Hai Jun Wang, Fei Yun Xu, Fei Wang

Abstract: Aiming at the problems of Tucker3 to large-scale tensor when applied to feature extraction, a new factorization based on Tucker3 is proposed...

Authors: Hong Fei Sun, Gang Wang, Can Ming Wang, Qi Fa Tian

Abstract: In this article, the working conditions and the failure mechanism of the four tubes in Boiler have been studied. On the base of these...

Authors: Ke Zhang, Xiao Zheng Huang, Jian Ping Chen, Jin Fang Wang

Abstract: The 6012 type aerial work platform is mainly used in the construction of steel structure occasions, and the overall and local stability of...

Authors: Kun Bai, Li Gang Wu, Qiu Hua Nie, Shi Xun Dai, Bo You Zhou, Xiang Jun Ma, Zhao Yong Zheng

Abstract: An actual packaging structural of high power three-chip white LED lamp is designed. The highest temperature of LED chip is 111.2°C, and the...

Authors: Gang Liu, Bing Yang Huang, Zhi Gang Hua

Abstract: The parameters influencing the whirling vibration characteristic is more for the CPP (Controllable-Pitch Propeller) propulsion shafting,...

Authors: Xiao Dong Tan, Ke De Zheng, Chen Bao Liu

Abstract: This paper has given hardware configuration of monitoring system based on the process of the waste heat recovery system. It has described...

Authors: Yao Dong Liu, Jing Xing, Di Ai, Song Zhe Jin

Abstract: Amorphization and crystallization behaviors of Ti55Al45 powders during mechanical alloys (MA) and subsequent Spark Plasma Sintering are...


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