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Authors: Xiao Yu Wang, Zong Xi Cai, Peng Cheng Su, Hai Feng Zhao, Yi Lan Kang
Advanced CAE Technique
Abstract:In order to determine the normal force acting on the TBM disc cutter, a 3-D FEM model is established to simulate the cutting process, with...
Authors: Gang Wang, Qi Fu Wang, Ying Jun Wang
Advanced CAE Technique
Abstract:During the modern product design, CAD softwares are widely used for geometric modeling and finite element method is used for structural...
Authors: Nan Nan Xu, Ping Huai Mao, Bing Zhai
Advanced CAE Technique
Abstract:Based on the ANSYS Software the Ho-type cutting pick of Spiral Drum Shearer applied lasers coating is feasible analysis. At first the paper...
Authors: Ya Bin Tian, Xue Yi Qi, Jia Xin Hu
Advanced CAE Technique
Abstract:According to main factors which affect the design of a composite impeller with ultra-low Unit speed centrifugal pump—the leaf number of the...
Authors: Hong Wei Li, Jian Bin Zhang
Advanced CAE Technique
Abstract:The natural frequencies and deformation of the prestressed spindle component assembly are separately analyzed by means of ANSYS workbench...
Authors: Wei Zhang, Chuan Qiong Sun, Huan Wang
Advanced CAE Technique
Abstract:Study on the flexible structural shape optimization problem under dynamic loading conditions. The dynamic loads are transformed to equivalent...
Authors: Dong Ya An, Cheng Ming Li
Advanced CAE Technique
Abstract:The project Expo Axis is one of the landmark buildings of Expo Shanghai 2010, and its structural safety depends largely on the security of...
Authors: Shu Hua Pan, Yu Dong Chen
Advanced CAE Technique
Abstract:Most of the component optimizations of trucks are limited to the individual component because of the complex coupling relations between...
Authors: Chao He, Xiao Yun Zhang
Advanced CAE Technique
Abstract:In emergency braking conditions, because of a large acceleration, the passenger will lose his balance to come in collision with the bus...
Authors: Ning Li, You Rong Li, Si Zhu Zhou, Qin Yang
Advanced CAE Technique
Abstract:To improve the design analysis efficiency of the high-pressure reciprocating pump, the study adopted a kind of visual programming software...
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