Advanced Design Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 308-310

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Lei, Tian Min Guan, Ying Tao

Abstract: In order to improve the human engineering characteristics of the table tennis wheelchair and promote sport wheelchair, the design of a Table...

Authors: Bo Yang, Hu Sun

Abstract: To speed up the virtual development of the automobile, Using VC++6.0 programming environment and the function of ADAMS could execute the...

Authors: Xue Ping Wang, Zhen Wei Zhang

Abstract: In view of the influence of the periodic vibration to the structure of disc vibration dryer, This article analyzes the mode of vibration...

Authors: Hong Bo Ma, Xiao Feng Xu

Abstract: This paper studies the analysis technique for complex antenna structures considering non-probabilistic uncertainty parameters. A method,...

Authors: Ying Guo Chen, Shuai Lu, Xiao Lu Liu, Ying Wu Chen

Abstract: This paper combines a derivative-free hybrid optimization algorithm, generalize pattern search (GPS), with Treed Gaussian Processes (TGP) to...

Authors: Jun Zhong Guo, Jun Ping Yang, Tian Tian Cai

Abstract: In order to analyze the influence on the printing graphics from the deformation of the printing cylinders and blankets, in this paper,...

Authors: Maw Tyan Sheen, Ming Der Jean, Yu Tsun Lai

Abstract: This paper introduces a module using the RGB-based LED design to improve the thermal management of a mixied white light LED and describes a...

Authors: Na Li, Yuan Xiang Li, Zhi Guo Huang, Yong Wang

Abstract: In multimodal optimization, the original differential evolution algorithm is easy to duplicate and miss points of the optimal value. To...

Authors: Di Ming Lou, Qiang Qiang, Yan Juan Zhu, Yu Biao Du

Abstract: To solve the problems of engine simulation process faced, the framework of simulation management platform of digital engine based on...

Authors: Hong Wei Liu, Sheng Jie Yao, Wen Liang Liu, Zhao Duo Zhang

Abstract: The forming limit diagram of magnesium alloy ZK60 was developed with Hill’s instability criterion and M-K analysis. The relationship of...


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