Advanced Design Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 308-310

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Jun Chai, Jin You Xu

Abstract: In order to realize accurate rotation of steel pipe in automatic rolling pipe bender, a tilt cylinder six bar mechanism driven by pneumatic...

Authors: Chuan Jiang Wang, Bing Hui Fan, Xiu Juan Sun, Hao Jiang, Zhi Xian Zhang

Abstract: In order to meet the demands for dextrous robotic limbs in such fields as the dangerous rescue, the disabled people assistance, and the...

Authors: Yu Su, Jian Wei Mi, Yuan Ying Qiu

Abstract: This paper develops an approach to overcome the misjudgment and omission problems of determining interference for parallel cable-driven...

Authors: Qiang Li, Cun Yun Pan, Hai Jun Xu

Abstract: The contact characteristics of spherical gear and ring-rack are researched in this paper. First, the tooth profile surface equation of...

Authors: Wen Juan Lu, Li Jie Zhang, Da Xing Zeng, Ruo Song Wang

Abstract: For the general parallel mechanisms(PMS), since the coupling between kinematic chains, the nonlinear relation between the input and output...

Authors: Kun Wang, Wei Wang, Hou Xiang Zhang

Abstract: In order to demonstrate the validity and the benefit of the closed-chain kinematics of four-link motional method for the gait of...

Authors: Zhi Xin Shi, Mei Yan Ye

Abstract: Based on the control decoupled principle and approach of Position and Orientation Characteristic (in short, POC) set, a novel decoupled...

Authors: Yan Jiao, Ling Gao, Si Ming He

Abstract: In order to overcome the deficiencies of outdated hydraulic system of drilling rig, The testing drilling system is designed, which provides...

Authors: Xin Ting Wang, Jun Xia Zhang, Li Ping Yin

Abstract: A 7-DOF upper limb kinematical model is built based on Rigid Body Assumption method. A protocol is proposed to measurement and analysis the...

Authors: Zhao Xia Cui, Si Jia Guo, Jian Guo Qin, Tao Yang, Shou Quan Hou

Abstract: High-property carbon refractories for blast furnaces should have high thermal conductivity and excellent porosity characteristics. The...


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