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Authors: Wei Li, Gwo Chung Tsai, Wen Zhuo Li, Thin Lin Horng
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:This study investigated the solution of the rigidity and structural vibration for system of linear guideway type based on ANSYS workbench. By...
Authors: Chun Guo Zhou, Hui Wu Wang, Chao Feng Ma, Yan Guo
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:According to derive the efficiency formula of 2K-H differential gear train, the direction of meshing power has been determined. The test...
Authors: Shi Min Dong, Ming Ming Xing
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:With the belt driving device which is affected by bi-directional alternating load taken as research object and with the elastic slide between...
Authors: Jia Fu Wang, Xun Cheng Wu, Jing Tao Han
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:A commercial transmission provided by enterprise is analyzed in this paper. Its 3D model is established in UG software, its dynamic force and...
Authors: Su Huan Ni, Qing Guo Chen
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:The vibrating roller crusher convert relative vibration generated by two rigid bodies to bring high-frequency impulse on grain layer (or...
Authors: Wei Min Zhou, Shao Wen Xue, Xiang Jiang Wang
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:In the practice of mechanical systems, all kinds of motion pair have the clearance exercise. With high-speed, precision machinery and...
Authors: Fu Chun Yang, Xiao Jun Zhou, Ming Xiang Xie
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:Step-type compound planetary gear sets are widely applied in vehicle systems. Comprehensive dynamic model of step-type compound planetary...
Authors: Hui Li Dong, Shi Hua Yuan, Chao Wei
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:A novel configuration of CVT that contains two cones located in the same shaft face to face is researched about the traction performance...
Authors: Jian Wei Yang, Jun Zhe Dong, Guang Ye Zhang
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:In order to ensure the truth and feasibility of constraints during the optimization of suspension parameters, a method, combining gradient...
Authors: Hao Dong Meng, Shun Ming Li, Ying Bai
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:With regard to the problem of abnormal vibration for power assembly of diesel engine of the Sport Utility Vehicle in working rotation speed...
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