Advanced Design Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 308-310

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Jun Li, Jian Sheng Dai

Abstract: The paper presents a matrix representation of mechanical chains based on proposed joint-axis matrix, and a matrix operation of joints...

Authors: Xin Zhao, Xing Long Zhu, Nan Yin, Shang Gao

Abstract: Owing to the deficiency of pinhole imaging model, a method to measure the depth information of the object based on lens imaging principle is...

Authors: Yong Quan Li, Li Jie Zhang, Ying Liu

Abstract: This paper present formation principle of any spherical trajectory curve, and kinematic track of spherical 2-DOF parallel manipulator with...

Authors: Ke Li, Duan Neng Li, Ling Lin Kong

Abstract: Industrial robots are getting more and more applications in modern automated production, it’s a strong support to the development of...

Authors: Jenq Huey Shyu, Ching Kong Chen, Cheng Chi Yu, Yi Jhong Luo

Abstract: This paper presents a novel design of adjustable elliptical exerciser, which can adjust both stride and inclined angle. Firstly, we use a...

Authors: Rong Xiong, Xin Feng Du, Wen Fei Wang, Yong Hai Wu, Jian Chu, Hong Bo Zheng

Abstract: This paper describes the integrated design and techniques of the HAIBAO robot, an interactive service robot developed for Shanghai World...

Authors: Fei Feng, Yi Wei Liu, Hong Liu, He Gao Cai

Abstract: The space manipulator which is mounted on a space structure or spacecraft to manipulate space payloads is important for the...

Authors: Cun Xiang Liu, Jun Hui Zhang, Da Xu Zhao

Abstract: This paper deals with the kinematics and dynamics of a novel bionic micro-robot based on the gastropod's locomotion principle. Profit from...

Authors: Rui Yao, Wen Bai Zhu, Qing Ge Yang

Abstract: China is now building the largest single dish radio telescope in the world in Guizhou province, which is called Five-hundred meter Aperture...

Authors: Peng Lin Jing, Zhi You Feng

Abstract: A new 4 DOF parallel mechanism with serial input limb is presented ——2UPS-RPU parallel mechanism, the limb with serial input is a less...


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