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Authors: Ji Feng Xu, Han Ning Zhang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:With the development of the internet, our life style also takes place a great change under the guide of the design. This article introduces...
Authors: Hong Sheng Zhao, Yun Zhen Wu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Based on the basic theory of three-phase AC Linear Induction Motor (LIM), this paper has designed a new structure of the roller conveyor. The...
Authors: Xin Ke Zhang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Based on the styling elements of Chinese imperial costume,the characteristics and cultural connotation of blue and white porcelain in the...
Authors: Yun Feng Bu, Wen Zhi Wang, Zhi Wei Hou, Su Qun Cao
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The traditional sprocket wheel mechanism is substituted by the planar four-bar linkages in the transmission system of the bycycle, based on...
Authors: You Jie Ma, Bu Yun Ma, Xue Song Zhou
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:In this paper I Describe the definition and characteristics of the new energy. Systematically represent the characteristics, objectives and...
Authors: Wen Xue Tan, Xi Ping Wang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:In order to help human expert solve the problem of disease diagnosing, we analyze the comparability and relativity between pattern similarity...
Authors: Zheng Yu Zhang, Hong Xu, Chun Ling Zheng
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Cationic dye is a special dye for polyacrylonitrile, but it is very difficult in dying through the core. In practice, the price of special...
Authors: Zhi Guo Yan, Jiang Yang, Ai Guo Xuan, Yuan Xin Wu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:With the increasing public environmental consciousness, chemical product design requires simultaneous satisfaction and compromise of...
Authors: Qing Qing Liu, Wei Guo
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Plastic injection molding process is an advanced but much complex plastic part molding with multi-factors coupling interactive effects. The...
Authors: Yu Long Bai, Yong Jie Ma, Hai Sha Gao, Shu Ping Wei
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:For modeling and simulation of dynamic systems, bond graph methods could be served as a powerful tool to make a compete model and to test the...
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