Advanced Materials and Processes: ADME 2011

Volumes 311-313

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Ya Rong, Zhen Hua Li, Yun Xuan Li, Chi Lan Cai

Abstract: Reinforced polyimide composite with of carbon fiber and carbon nanotube were prepared by hot molding technology. The mechanical and friction...

Authors: Zhen Hua Li, Rui Ya Rong, Yun Xuan Li, Jian Li

Abstract: Carbon fiber reinforced composites have all the ideal properties, leading to their rapid development and successful use for many...

Authors: Niu Can Liu, Jun Qing Li, Hai Dong Li

Abstract: The microstructure and wear resistance of in-situ Mg2Si/Al-Si were studied in the different content of Sb. The result shows that...

Authors: Hong Zhong Ru, Ran Ran Zhao

Abstract: Electrical conductive carbon black-filled cement-based composites are significant as multifunctional structural materials. Double...

Authors: Ze Xing Wang, Jin Hua Jiang, Nan Liang Chen

Abstract: For industrial applications, many of the damage of textile reinforced flexible composites are due to growth of the defects coming from...

Authors: Li Dong, Peng Bo Zhang, Wei Qu, Ying Qin, Xian Xiu Mei, Ji Jun Zhao, Chuang Dong

Abstract: Thermal barrier coatings are used as thermal insulation and thermal protection for high-temperature components of aircraft engines. Service...

Authors: Jin Hua Jiang, Ze Xing Wang, Nan Liang Chen

Abstract: Processes of the Liquid Composite Molding (LCM) are widely used in composites produced by impregnation of a dry preform with liquid resin....

Authors: Zhuo Jun Chen, Long Long Feng

Abstract: This article use the Sulphide Isobutene, Five Sulfides Dialkyl, and Star of Phosphorus as the additives, Neopentyl Polyol Ester (NPE) as...

Authors: Mei Mei Wang, Mei Cao, Zhong Cheng Guo

Abstract: Ti/Pb-WC-PANI inert electrodes was prepared by pulse electroplating. The effects of process conditions and concentration of solid particles...

Authors: Xiang Yang Zhou, Fei Fei Xin

Abstract: In order to compensate the unbalanced moment introduced by POS into an aerial 3-axis ISP system, a balance weight unit is put forward. Based...


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