Advanced Materials and Processes: ADME 2011

Volumes 311-313

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Zuo, Wei Wang, Meng Sen Gu, Hai Jiang Fang, Li Ma, Peng Wang, Jian Xin Li, Xing Hu, Ying Jiu Zhang

Abstract: The continuous progress of the electronic industries put forward a new requirement to the electronic components that must have an excellent...

Authors: Xiao Xia Jiang, Yong Shen Hu

Abstract: Based on the investigation and analysis on the pavement structure, material and traffic accidents of highway tunnel, security and function...

Authors: Yan Jun Shao, Jian Qing Wang, X.J. Zhu, Quan Chen

Abstract: Cutting heat and the resulting temperature change material properties, thus it produces tremendous influence to cutting force, tool...

Authors: Shou Hong Han, Zhen Hua Lu, Yong Jin Liu

Abstract: In order to investigate the multi-axial mechanical properties of a kind of PU (polyurethane) foam, some experiments in different loading...

Authors: Pulkit Sharma, Rahul Kumar, Rajeev Ranjan, Sunil Bhat

Abstract: Impact analysis of an advanced laminated composite comprising aerospace 2024-T3 aluminum alloy and resin impregnated E-glass fiber layers...

Authors: Bo Wang, Michael Greene

Abstract: Minerals particles such as diatomite and perlite can be reinforced by coating their surfaces with aluminum silicate or zirconium silicate....

Authors: Liang Xiong, Guo Qing Zhang, Hua Geng Pan

Abstract: The Ni-P-TiO2 coatings were successfully obtained on foamed nickel by electroless plating technique. Materials were characterized...

Authors: Tao Jiang

Abstract: The FeAl/Al2O3 composites were fabricated by hot-pressing process in this research. The Fe-Al intermetallics compounds...

Authors: Yu Cai, Zhen Zhen Chang, Chun Mei Chen, Yu Ting Bai, Ya Wei Lin, Zhi Qiang Li

Abstract: CPM9V high speed steel(HSS) ring billet was prepared by spray forming(SF), the yield is 83.5%, porosity is 0.8%, spray forming preparation...

Authors: Ye Tian, Mei Jia Guo, Jian She Zhang, Yu Cheng Li, Dong Xing Zhang, Di Hong Li, Hai Ying Xiao, Jin Jia

Abstract: Three-ply Kevlar fiber/epoxy composites used as static ring of ship propeller were manufactured by winding molding. The density of the...


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