Advanced Materials and Processes: ADME 2011

Volumes 311-313

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hao Wu, You Ming Cao

Abstract: The composites composed of PVC, NBR and BaSO4 particles were prepared by melt blending method. The mechanical properties,...

Authors: Hong Mei Gao, Guo Xing Chen

Abstract: EPS composite soil is a new kind of lightweight fill material. Its engineering properties have been widely studied. However, the creep...

Authors: Qian Wang

Abstract: Compared with ordinary coatings, nano-composite coating usually has a higher hardness and better wear and corrosion resistance. As coating...

Authors: Wu Wei, Xin Tai Su, Feng Xiao, Ya Ni Li

Abstract: A facile hydrothermal process has been employed to synthesize WO3 nanocubes using urea as an assistant agent. The crystal...

Authors: Wei He, Rong He, Yu Wei Li

Abstract: According to the dynamic theory and characteristics of the bridge modal analysis theories and methods for bridge were introduced which...

Authors: Wan Fu Xu, Xiu Hua Li, Gang Ma

Abstract: By using dual number, the dynamic property of gas-lubricated thrust bearings or non-contacting face seals is analyzed in the small...

Authors: Torati Sri Ramulu, Reddy Venu, Sarella Anandakumar, Brajalal Sinha, Seok Soo Yoon, Cheol Gi Kim

Abstract: This paper represents the synthesis and characterization of NiFe single segment and NiFe/Au multisegmented nanowires. We fabricated these...

Authors: Qin Wang

Abstract: The chitosan-ibuprofen sustained release mcrospheres have been prepared by the emulsion cross-linked method, and the samples are...

Authors: Yue Jun Chen, Zhi Fa Wang, Jing Long Bu, Li Xue Yu, Rong Lin Wang, Rui Sheng Wang

Abstract: An easy synthesis route of YSZ (Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia) nanopowder with the formation of...

Authors: Peng Li, Han Chen, Xue Dong Chen

Abstract: Micro-vibration of aerostatic bearings has been the bottleneck in the improvement of the moving and positioning accuracy of ultra-precision...


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