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Authors: Yue Li, Chang Whan Joo
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Knitted fabrics have been widely used in different fields due to their high strength and elastic properties. However, these can only be used...
Authors: Dau Chung Wang, Shinn Hwa Chen, Gen You Chen, Ken Yen Chen, Cheng Hsien Tsai
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Recently, self-assembly synthesis of metal nano-particles has attracted great interest due to its unique size dependent properties. In this...
Authors: Yang He, Fang Yi Li, Chun Hu Wu, Shi Lei Ma
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:The regulation of stress concentration generated by the edge effect of shrink fit is studied in this paper. Firstly, experiment is designed...
Authors: Jian Hua Du, Jian Guo Han, Cheng Fa Xu
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:The Cu-based friction materials with nano-AlN (n-AlN) and nano-graphite (n-C) were prepared by powder metallurgy technology, respectively....
Authors: Zhi Ai Yang, Li Jin Feng, Xia Wang, Rong Ma, Jian Ping Sun, Xu Chun Song
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Subscript textThe Co3O4 nanocubes were synthesized by hydrothermal process. The products are characterized...
Authors: Xia Wang, Li Jin Feng, Zhi Ai Yang, Rong Ma, Xu Chun Song
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Poly(3-methylthiophene) (PMeT) was electrochemically synthesized on an ITO surface in the ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-metyllimidazolium...
Authors: Shuai Zhang, Qing Ping Ke, Lei Zhang, Tian Di Tang
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Formation of layered nanosheets and micro-spheres from a simple self-assembly and polycondensation of n-octadecylsilane (PODS) in water and...
Authors: Min Li Wang, Zhi Wang Zheng, Li Xiao
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Hot rolled high plastic stain ratio structural steel sheets was used to study the effect of cold reduction ratio and annealing process on the...
Authors: Chang Yu Li, Li Li Liu, Shou Xin Liu
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:α-Ni(OH)2 with hierarchical structures were synthesized via a simple route using Ni(NO3)2•6H2O and urea as...
Authors: Jun Peng Wang, Chun Hua Xu, Xiang Li Li, San Qiang Shi
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Commercial Cu0.62Zn0.38foil was subjected to surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) processing. The original and...
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