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Authors: Zhao Chen, Xiao Li Wen, Chang Le Chen
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Solidification behaviour of Pb-Bi alloys under rotating magnetic field (RMF) was investigated experimentally to understand the effect of the...
Authors: Jia Hui Qu, Tao Huang, Ming Gao, Fu Wang
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:A strong basal plane texture of AZ31 magnesium alloy was obtained by severe hot-rolling with three passes falling temperature. The effects of...
Authors: Xiang Feng Zheng, Yan Ting Feng, Xiao Guang Niu, Qing Wang, Xiao Jun Hao, Wen Bin Li, Xue Xia Xu, Peng Sun
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Through methods, such as microscope analysis, mechanical analysis, chemical analysis, metallographic examination, the causes resulting in tee...
Authors: Xiao Dong Wang, Rui Ling Jia, Hui Xia Zhang, Hua Jian Lui, Xi Wei Zhai, Fu Rong Chen
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:7A52 Al alloy plates was welded using twin-wire metal inert gas arc welding (TMW) .Stress corrosion cracking (SCC)behavior of the parent...
Authors: Yi Xu, Chang Chun Ge
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:CPM9V high speed steel(HSS) ring billet was prepared by spray forming(SF), the yield is 83.5%, porosity is 0.8%, spray forming preparation...
Authors: Hassan Jafari, Mohd Hasbullah Idris, Ali Ourdjini, Saeed Farahany
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:In this research, the oxidation and melting behaviour of AZ91D magnesium alloy granules was investigated throughout using in-situ melting...
Authors: Yong Qiang Qin, Yu Cheng Wu, De Bao Wang, Peng Li, Xin Min Huang, Yu Chun Zheng
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:In this paper, we systematically investigated the influence of SiC particle size on the wear properties of the SiC particle reinforced Cu...
Authors: Ying Jie Li, Xiu Zhi Zhang, Feng Li
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:In this paper, the influence of temperature and strain rate on the superplastic deformation behaviors of the Mg-Zn-Nd alloy has been...
Authors: Xiang Yang Xia, Jie Li
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:This paper proposes an intelligence control system of heat balance for aluminum reduction cell and reviews in each period the control...
Authors: Yeong Sant Kuo
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:The purpose of the present study was to discuss the effects of local solidification time on porosity content of long solidification range...
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