Advanced Materials and Processes: ADME 2011

Volumes 311-313

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chi Zhang, Jing Luo, Rong Xiang

Abstract: Small particle size powder of Fe and Ni was used as raw materials (the particle diameter of metal injection molding (MIM) was 0.5-20μm...

Authors: Xiao Hong Huang, Sheng Tao Zhang, Lian Yue Hu

Abstract: This paper investigates the Isoniazid as chemical corrosion inhibitors for brass in 3.0% NaCl solution of different pH, employing...

Authors: Ji Jie Wang, Jian Lan, Duy Gu Turan, Tong Cui, Da Jiang, Chun Zhong Liu

Abstract: Long time corrosion is carried out on a kind of new Ni-based super alloy used as a component of gas turbine engine, under salt-fog...

Authors: Zheng Liu, Xiao Mei Liu, Yong Mei Hu

Abstract: The semisolid A356 alloy slurry, which was grain-refined by Y2O3, was manufactured by low superheat pouring. The...

Authors: Man Zhang, Yue Bin Lin, Jian Qiang Lv, Hai Lin Jiang

Abstract: Microstructure and properties of Zn-xAl alloy were investigated, moreover, the strength and microstructure of the Cu/Al brazed joint had...

Authors: Bing Ying Wang, Zhen Bo Hou, Wei Wang, Bin Zhao

Abstract: The influence of gas nitriding on the wear and corrosion resistance of 40Cr steel was investigated. Gas nitriding experiments were carried...

Authors: Gui Hong Geng, Shao Hua Luo, You Jun Lu

Abstract: The electromagnetic micro-gravity simulation smelting is a new preparation technology of Al-Li alloy containing high Li. In the aluminum...

Authors: Bo Zhou, Sung Ho Yoon

Abstract: This paper focuses on the modeling of the cyclic super-elastic behaviors of SMA. Cyclic tensile experiments are performed on the NiTi SMA to...

Authors: Xian Lan Liu, Chu Ming Liu, Wen Yu Zhang, Hui Zhong Li, Su Min Zeng

Abstract: Hot compression tests of the homogenized Mg-Zn-Nd-Cd-Zr magnesium alloy were performed on Gleeble-1500 at temperatures between 300 °Cand 420...

Authors: Ying Bo Zhang, Hong Gao, Gao Feng Quan, Zhao Ming Liu

Abstract: The microstructures and mechanical properties of quasicrystal reinforced Mg-Al-Zn-Y alloys with different Y and Zn contents were...


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