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Authors: Rui Na Ma, Sha Sha Jin, Hong Yun Li
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:The static constant corrosion tests on Fe-B eutectic alloy are investigated in liquid zinc at 500°C. The systematic observation and research...
Authors: Mohd Ridhwan Mohammed Redza, Yupiter H.P. Manurung, Robert Ngendang Ak. Lidam, Mohd Shahar Sulaiman, Mohammad Ridzwan Abdul Rahim, Sunhaji Kiyai Abas, Ghalib Tham, Chan Yin Chau
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:This paper investigates the simulation technique for analyzing the distortion behavior induced by welding process on welded plate which was...
Authors: Yun Guan, Xian Zhong Zhang, Jia Yan Ma
Steel and Iron
Abstract:The microstructure and precipitate of the two kinds of medium-carbon vanadium microalloyed steels whose nitrogen contents were 0.0035% and...
Authors: Wen Lin Liu, Ri Jie Yang, Zhi Tao Mu, Shu Yan Liu, Da Zhao Yu
Steel and Iron
Abstract:According to standard test method for fatigue crack growth rates of metallic materials, the crack growth rate of 30NCD16 at three stress...
Authors: Ju Bao Qu
Steel and Iron
Abstract:For the international New invention, that orbital lumbar joint puncture unique technology, Studied and developed intelligent detection and...
Authors: Xue Xia Xu, Jie Ouyang, Xiao Guang Niu, Yan Ting Feng, Wen Peng Li
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Improper heat treatment may result in unsatisfactory microstructure and mechanical properties for P91 steel. In this work, the effect of...
Authors: Tao Li, Meng Qin, Zi Li Jin, Hui Ping Ren
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Effects of rare earth elements (RE) on modification of inclusions, the corrosion dynamic laws and the electrochemical properties of low...
Authors: Mei Bao Chen, Yu Rong Jiang
Steel and Iron
Abstract:It is impossible to keep pipelines free from defects in the manufacturing, installation and servicing processes. In this paper, pre-tension...
Authors: Zhao Jun Deng, Jing Liu, Hui Wang, Cheng Jiang Lin, Zhi Hong Lu
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Annealing process with different rapid cooling temperatures of a hot-dip galvanized high Al dual phase steel was simulated by hot-dip process...
Authors: Zhen Kui Yin, Jing She Li, Shu Feng Yang
Steel and Iron
Abstract:The effects of different TiO2-containing ore’s allocated proportion on quality, mineral structure and sintering process of Xuan steel sinter...
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