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Authors: Song Ya Tian, Jun Jie Zhang, Gen Yuan Zhang
Steel and Iron
Abstract:For the thick steel plate 13MnNiMoNbR, submerged arc welding was carried out, three kinds of wires were used H08Mn2MoA, H10Mn2MoA,...
Authors: Gen Zhe Huang, Zeng Hui Li
Steel and Iron
Abstract:In the present work, effects of elements vanadium and niobium on the microstructure of the conventional indefinite chilled rolls made by...
Authors: Yu Cai, Zhen Zhen Chang, Chun Mei Chen, He He Mo, Xiao Wei Wei, Rong Hui He
Steel and Iron
Abstract:This article makes melting temperature, melting speed, viscosity and Na2CO3 relationship curves, and analyses the...
Authors: Norhazilan Md Noor, Kar Sing Lim, Yahaya Nordin, Arman Abdullah
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Soil as a corrosive medium is probably of greater complexity than other environment. This paper studies the influence of soil engineering...
Authors: Gang Li, Jing She Li, Shu Feng Yang, Yan Jie Wang, Nai Song Li
Steel and Iron
Abstract:The process of three-phase electroslag furnacefoundry casting  electroslag remelting was used to produce 316L stainless steel ultra-fine...
Authors: Zhi Fen Wang, Yun Guan, Li Xin Wu, Yi Qiang Sun, Rong Dong Han
Steel and Iron
Abstract:The microstructure of a bainitic steel after different cooling rates has been investigated by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and...
Authors: Ling Yun Yi, Zhu Cheng Huang, Hu Peng, Tao Jiang
Steel and Iron
Abstract:In this paper, the direct reduction of iron ore pellets was carried out by simulating the typical gas composition in coal gasification...
Authors: Bing Qiang Yu, Li Po Yang
Steel and Iron
Abstract:A industrial strip shaper is developed, which mainly consisted of the shape detecting roller, the collecting ring, the DSP shape signal...
Authors: Li Po Yang, Bing Qiang Yu
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Based on the shape detecting principle and the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, a high-precision shape detecting system of cold...
Authors: Jing Pei Xie, Ai Qin Wang, Wen Yan Wang, Ji Wen Li, Di Xin Yang, Ke Feng Zhang, Dou Qin Ma
Steel and Iron
Abstract:The influences of non-metallic inclusions on the quality and properties of the steel not only depended on the quantity of inclusions, but...
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