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Authors: Ling Bo Mao, Ren Yuan Zhang, Feng Li
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Corroded behavior of 310S stainless steel by molten Al-Si eutectic alloy in high temperature thermal cycles of 495~620°C was investigated....
Authors: Hong Ming Wang, Ting Wang Zhang, Li Li Yang, Yong Qi Yan, Hua Zhu
Steel and Iron
Abstract:To avoid slag sticking onto the ladle snorkel during the CAS-OB refining and alloying process, CaO-B2O3 and...
Authors: Hong Ming Wang, Li Li Yang, Hua Zhu, Yong Qi Yan
Steel and Iron
Abstract:B2O3 is employed as fluxing agent of high basicity CaO-based flux to substitute for CaF2. The effects of...
Authors: Yong Liang Zhang, Li Xin Gao, Ling Li
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Fracture images automatic classification and recognition is an important one of fracture failure intelligent diagnosis, and in which feature...
Authors: Lu Han Hao, Ming Yue Sun, Dian Zhong Li
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Three different quenching media (water, oil and air) were used to compare the effect of cooling rate on the microstructure and mechanical...
Authors: Liang Chen, Shao Ping Zhang, Bin Huang, Wei Wang
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Consistency maintenance is a key problem in collaborative product design. Firstly, based on product design theory, the semantics...
Authors: Qing Yu Wang, Shi Kun Li
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Abstract: To Huanggang River watershed protection, for example, to carry out the exploration of environmental education on campus. River...
Authors: Jing Xu, Jian Wei Yang, Jian Ping Cao, Chen Chen
Steel and Iron
Abstract:The corrosion behavior of X70 pipeline steel in 0.5% NaC1 solution in different temperature of 25°C、35°C and 55°C was studied by dynamic...
Authors: Huai Yu Zhang, Li Fan Wei, Jia Li
Steel and Iron
Abstract:In the process of customizing of CAD system for parametric product design, the modeling technology of product knowledge, the KBE (Knowledge...
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