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Authors: Xiao Ping Ma, Li Jun Wang, Bin Qin, Chun Ming Liu, Sundaresa V. Subramanian
Steel and Iron
Abstract:The microstructure evolution and precipitation behavior of a low carbon high nitrogen martensitic stainless steel containing...
Authors: Duc Toan Nguyen, Tien Long Banh, Dong Won Jung
Steel and Iron
Abstract:In order to predict forming limit curve for stainless steel sheet, the modified maximum force criterion (MMFC), introduced by Hora et al...
Authors: Sheng Tao Zhang, Lin Liang Yin, Xiao Li
Steel and Iron
Abstract:This paper has reported a two-section model based on Temkin isotherm for interpreting the adsorption and inhibition properties of tinidazole...
Authors: Chang Ming Qiu, Yan Feng Wang, Gui Jie Zhang
Steel and Iron
Abstract:It is convenience to make plastic deformation by taking conventional cold rolling. By taking this technique on austenitic high manganese...
Authors: Jun Miao, Li Jun Wang, Chun Ming Liu
Steel and Iron
Abstract:The effect of vanadium on the bainite transformation of medium carbon high silicon steel during air cooling was studied by using Optical...
Authors: Xiao Hang Wan, Zhao Wei Dong, Shu Jun Li, Sheng Yong Liu
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Polycrystalline α-HgI2 films have been grown through combining vertical deposition method with hot wall vapor phase deposition...
Authors: Kuan Hui Hu, Shun Bing Zhou, De Xin Tian, Guan Wen Feng
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Using the cold rolled High Strength IF Steel sheet of 1.0 mm thickness as the test material,the r value and recrystallization texture were...
Authors: Xi Xun Shen, Jun Liang Liu, Zhou Xu
Steel and Iron
Abstract:In this paper, three kinds of 12% Cr ferritic steels without Co and Cu, with 3%Co and with 3%Cu are produced. The addition Co and Cu lead to...
Authors: Ji Chun Yang, Nan Liu
Steel and Iron
Abstract:In order to explore the influence of the nitrogen concentrations on the impact toughness of the bearing steel GCr15,impact testing has been...
Authors: Hao Chen, Gang Tao
Steel and Iron
Abstract:In order to study dynamic response of metal, this paper makes use of theoretical formula to investigate changes of temperature and grain size...
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