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Authors: Wei Du, Zhuang Chu, Cheng Bin Li, Xiang Deng
Steel and Iron
Abstract:In order to find the reasons of that the hardness of 1Cr17Ni2 stainless steel partial components after being quenched is weakened, based on...
Authors: Shan Shan Liu, Han Chen, Xue Dong Chen
Steel and Iron
Abstract:A vacuum preloaded circular aerostatic bearing was designed and its static characteristics were investigated experimentally. The load...
Authors: Ji Hua Peng, Yao Feng Deng, Jian Ting He
Steel and Iron
Abstract:Al-Ti-B-Sr-RE master alloys were prepared firstly by the reaction of complex halide salts with molten aluminum at 800°C, and then the...
Authors: Feng Yang, Gen Xi Yang
Steel and Iron
Abstract:In borate buffer solution, anodic oxide passive film was formed on 316SS at 0.6 VSCE. Chemical composition and semiconductor properties of...
Authors: Xiu Qian Ye, Yi Bao Chen, Bih Sheng Hsu, Yuh Chung Hu
Steel and Iron
Abstract:There is no literature mentioned the modeling of the microstructures subjected to traveling electrostatic forces. This paper is the first...
Authors: Cheng Chuan Wu, Xiao Hong Yang, Guo Guang Cheng
Steel and Iron
Abstract:An investigation has been carried out to determine the formation conditions of Ce2O2S and CeAlO3 in cerium...
Authors: Yun Zhang, Yong Di Li, Jian Jun Wu
Polymer Materials
Abstract:The outer casing of heater made of iron-boron alloy is brittle fractured easily. It is a an effective way to add continuous fibers in...
Authors: Hong Long Xing, Shui Lin Chen
Polymer Materials
Abstract:Polyacrylate microgel emulsion was prepared by emulsion polymerization using styrene, α-n-butyl acrylate and methyl methacrylate as monomer,...
Authors: Li Na Fu, Ke Gang Hao
Polymer Materials
Abstract:The method of analyzing capability and verifying correctness for workflow process is divided in static check and dynamic simulation. The...
Authors: Ai Hua Shi, Guang Cheng Zhang, Heng Tai Pan, Zhong Lei Ma, Chen Hui Zhao
Polymer Materials
Abstract:High performance rigid cross-linked PVC foam has been prepared by molding process and boiling foam process with the main materials including...
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