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Authors: Hai Lin Xing, Hao Zhou, Li Qun Zhang, Wei Ming Wang, Dong Mei Yue
Polymer Materials
Abstract:Rhodium complex is excellent catalyst for nitrile-butadiene rubber homogeneous hydrogenation with difficulties in its recovery. A new...
Authors: Yuan Rong Ding, Zhi Wei Li, He Qun Su, Yang Ding
Polymer Materials
Abstract:Poly(acrylic acid-co-acrylamide) has large number of ionic and nonionic hydrophilic groups, such making the rheological behavior of its...
Authors: Xiao Bing Wang, Peng Fu, Min Ying Liu, Jian Wei Zhang, Qing Xiang Zhao
Polymer Materials
Abstract:Two kinds of ABC-type miktoarm star copolymers, poly(α-methylstyrene)-poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(ethoxyethyl glycidylether) (PMS-PEO-PEEGE)...
Authors: Xin Jiang Lu, Ming Hui Huang, Min Chen, Yi Bo Li
Polymer Materials
Abstract:In practical application, a nominal model is often used to approximate the design of industrial system. This approximation could make the...
Authors: Hong Long Xing, Qi Yu Tao
Polymer Materials
Abstract:Table tennis bat rubber was prepared by using natural rubber (NR) and butadiene rubber (BR). The effects of the blending ratio of NR and BR,...
Authors: Xing Dong Yuan, Bin Xu, Xiao Jie Yang, Hai Long Ma
Polymer Materials
Abstract:The friction and wear properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coatings before and after gamma irradiation were studied under vacuum...
Authors: Jie Li, Ai Hua Zhu, Heng Zeng, Jun Peng Li
Polymer Materials
Abstract:In order to improve the road-friendliness of vehicle, this paper studies vehicle dynamic performance through establishing car model in ADAMS,...
Authors: Pei Yi Li, Mei Yun Zhang, Zhi Jie Wang, Chun Tao Lin
Polymer Materials
Abstract:The methods of synthesizing polyurethane (Isophorone diisocyanate IPDI) with paper were investigated. The combination of SEM and IR analysis...
Authors: Quan Xiao Liu, Yu Bin Lv, Jin Li Li, Wen Cai Xu
Polymer Materials
Abstract:Cationic polyacrylate emulsion was prepared in lab by semi-continuous seed pre-emulsification process. After the single factor experiments,...
Authors: Zhi Zhang, Da Wei Zhang, Jing Sheng Cheng
Polymer Materials
Abstract:Safety is very important in the dismantlement of screw-joint ammunition parts. The main factor which influences the safety is the temperature...
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