Advanced Materials and Processes: ADME 2011

Volumes 311-313

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Hua Ji, Tong Xiao, Jian Qiang Zhou

Abstract: Milling force is an important parameter during machining, which is directly related to the tool deformation, the tool life, the quality of...

Authors: Liang Zheng, Hui Zheng, Jiang Xia Deng, Zhi Hua Ying, Jun Wu, Ji Jun Zhou, Hui Bin Qin

Abstract: Single-phase nanocrystalline YIG powders have been successfully synthesized through chemical co-precipitation methods. The influence of pH...

Authors: Yang Li, Xiao Dong Zheng, Lin Fang Shen

Abstract: Solar cell, One-dimensional nanostructure, Surface reflectance, Plane-wave expansion Abstract. In this paper, we design a one-dimensional...

Authors: Wei He, Rong He, Sheng Tai Yan

Abstract: Friendship Avenue bridge was a concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge (CFSTAB). As a new type of bridge, CFSTAB was widely constructed and...

Authors: Zi Min Wang, Shi Qiang Jiang

Abstract: This paper introduces the production method of calcium lanthanum permanent magnetic ferrite coupled with soft magnetic ferrite components....

Authors: Huan Kun Xu, Li Chen, Bei He Ma, Xiao Ma, Sha Lei, Qin Hua Lin

Abstract: This paper describes the principle of measuring small displacement of the object by using electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI)....

Authors: Xuan Zeng, Zhen Yu Tu, Yong Li Ma

Abstract: TThe paper mainly discuses the design and application of the hydrology telemetry system based the GPRS technology. Owing to the low power...

Authors: Jiu Mei Xiao, Li Long Yu, Dong Yu Zhao, Wan Li He, Hui Cao, Huai Yang

Abstract: It is reported that a pitch gradient is formed in a side chain cholesteric liquid crystalline polymer (ChLCP) through a novel method....

Authors: Ling He, Wei Min Sun, Yu Tian Ding, Yu Hua Wang

Abstract: A novel phosphor, Gd2MoB2O9:Eu3+ has been synthesized by solid-state reaction and its...

Authors: Hao Lv, Yao Ming Ding, Ai Mei Liu, Ju Fang Tong, Xu Nong Yi, Qian Guang Li

Abstract: The nucleation and crystallization of Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2(LAS) glass ceramic with...


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