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Authors: Wang Zhe, Qin Xian, Jiao Rong Fan
Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials
Abstract:μTAS is aimed at applying the operation of biochemical analysis on microchips, and its advantages have drawn great attention. This paper...
Authors: Ming Der Jean, Ming Tsong Chou
Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials
Abstract:This paper reports the effects of varying magnetic field strength on CrN films, deposited by a magnetic sputtering process. The strength of...
Authors: Li Juan Pang, Yun Gui Chen, Chao Ling Wu, Xue Feng Zhang, Gang Deng
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Mg17Al12and rare earth improved Mg17Al12La0.45 alloys were prepared by resistance...
Authors: Ai Jun Zhou, Guang Ren, Hong Jin Zhou
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Allan variance based spline fit method is designed to determine some key technical specification of fiber optic gyroscope including random...
Authors: Shu Guang Xie, Zhan Chang Pan, Guang Hui Hu, Zhi Gang Wei, Chu Min Xiao, Zhen Jun Cheng, Hai Xia Zeng, Xin Long Tian
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Ni-P alloy electrode was prepared by electroless plating on the Cu-Zn substrate. The surface morphology and textural properties of electrode...
Authors: Chang Jiu Liu, Mei Rong Qi, Chun Xiao Xing
New Energy Materials
Abstract:La(OH)3 coated amorphous nickel hydroxide was prepared by chemical coprecipitation method. The microstructure, surface morphology...
Authors: Ju An Zhang, Zhi Qiang Guo, Jin Fa Xie
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Based on the tool of the ANSYS Workbench software, the modeling of three-dimensional Entity, meshing and dealing of loads and constraints has...
Authors: Zi Li Liu, Xin Bo Liu, Xin Chun Yan, Gui Bin Zhou
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Amorphous MgNi+x%B(x=0,2,5,10) hydrogen storage alloys have been prepared by mechanical alloying (MA) and tested as hydrogen storage...
Authors: Wei Wei, Li Hong Qiao
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The design of complex mechanical and electrical products has to achieve various objectives and satisfy various constraints. In many cases,...
Authors: Hai Jun Su, Jun Zhang, Lin Liu, Heng Zhi Fu
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Silicon solar cell is well known as one of the cleanest and most potential renewable resources. As the major photovoltaic (PV) material in PV...
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