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Authors: Xin Ya Yang, Dong Liu
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:The influence of different curing conditions on hydration properties of fluorgypsum products formed by semi-dry pressing was studied....
Authors: Xin Ya Yang, Qi Wei Yang
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:In this paper, desulfurized ash was focused on modifying the properties of fluorgypsum and quicklime was as a reference. According to the...
Authors: Ming Hua Zhu, Gui Zhen Fang, Shi Yan Han, Hai Hong Rong, Jun Guo, Yong Chun Shi, Heng Yong Duan
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:Lignin was extracted from Acanthopanax senticosus remainders after pharmaceutical production process, with acetic acid-water as extracting...
Authors: Hang Bo Yue, Ying De Cui, Guo Qiang Yin, Zhen Yu Jia, Lie Wen Liao
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:A novel class of environmentally friendly protein-based bioplastics—cottonseed protein plastic sheets (CP-sheets)—were prepared by...
Authors: Jian She Tang, Xian Huai Huang, Li Xiang
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:In order to remove formaldehyde efficiently, the activated carbon was oxidized by nitric acid and then modified by etilenodiamina. The carbon...
Authors: Bing Wen Wang, Liang Zhang, Jian Wang, Zhi Gang Wang, Yi Lü
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:Cemented filling body exposed to acid mine water or high salinity mine water will be subjected to various kinds of physical and chemical...
Authors: Ying Hua Song
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:The adsorption of naphthol green by peanut shell, which was chemically-modified by cross-linking with epichlorohydrin was studied with...
Authors: Hong Juan Wang, Hai Yan Xiao, Feng Qiang Sun, Jian Hua Zhang
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:Novel bio-based composites were developed from maleate castor oil (MACO) and lignin through free radical initiated copolymerization between...
Authors: Wei Xiong, Qing Hui Wang, Cheng Zhong Zhang
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:In this paper, a novel solution combing heuristic constraints with physical-based method for virtual interaction is proposed. With which, a...
Authors: Hui Chen, Jian Ping Tan, Jin Li Gong, Zhao Qiang Shu, Xian Yue Cao, Ji Neng Zhou
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:The mechanical characteristics and extremely hard working conditions of large die hydraulic press are considered. The limitations of...
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