Advanced Materials and Processes: ADME 2011

Volumes 311-313

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Zhu Quan

Abstract: The effects of mix proportions on the properties of porous ecological concrete, and its coexistence with plants are discussed in this paper....

Authors: Chia Chieh Wei, Chaur Jeng Wang, Horng Yih Liou, Kuo Ming Chen

Abstract: Co-firing of biomass and coal has drawn many attentions because it can reduce the amount of CO2 release of the coal power plant/incinerator....

Authors: Hai Bo Lin, Shu Liang Dong, Yan Qiu, Chui Jie Yi

Abstract: Wheat precision seeding test system is designed to develop a measurement device of wheat precision seeding with high efficiency and...

Authors: Gen Li Shan, Wen Xue Liu, Hong Bo Chen

Abstract: Welded structure is usually used in current nailing machines. When a nailing machine was used for a period of time, the base of the machine...

Authors: Dong Xu Zhang, Da Ping Liu, Xin Ru Wei, Meng Xiao

Abstract: The number of the religious architecture makes up 70 percent of the total of existing traditional buildings in China, in which the largest...

Authors: Hong Li, Yong Li Zhang

Abstract: Key words:Atmospheric and vacuum; distillation; process; pollution Abstract:The atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit was analysed on the...

Authors: Zhi Su Zhao, Xing Hua Zhang

Abstract: In order to be considered in the calculation of punching force of cold die random distribution of material properties, meanwhile including...

Authors: Surasit Laosatirawong, Sakdiphon Thiansem, Sittiporn Punyanitya

Abstract: Characterization of Environmentally friendly materials used as wastewater treatment material has been studied in order to compare the...

Authors: Jeong Soo Nam, Gyu Yong Kim, Hiroyuki Miyauchi, Young Seok Jeon, Heon Kyu Hwang

Abstract: Recently, the damaged building and loss of life have been increasing by man-made disasters. In this study, the blast resistance performance...

Authors: June Wen Chen, Jing Bin Duan, Shih Jui Wu, Yi Shan Chen, Li An Chiu, Ya Ping Kuang

Abstract: A novel robotic vision and control system using cross-lines laser indicator and range finder simultaneously is developed. This modular have...


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