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Authors: Zhi Feng Zeng, Hai Yan Zhang, Xi Duo Hu
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The LiFePO4/MWCNTs composite used as cathode was synthesized by ball milling. XRD and SEM experiments demonstrated that MWCNTs...
Authors: Ying Cai Yuan, Yan Li, Yi Ming Wang
New Energy Materials
Abstract:In high speed, the web press’s fold mechanism appears nonlinear dynamic response characteristics, which seriously affect the fold system’s...
Authors: Kyeongsook Kim, Seugran Yang, Jeom In Baek, Ji Woong Kim, Jungho Ryu, Chong Kul Ryu, Deok Gi Ahn, Keesam Shin
New Energy Materials
Abstract:NiO/Al2O3, known as one of the most efficient oxygen carrier, has been fabricated by spray-drying method and calcinated...
Authors: Jia Lin Tian, Zheng Liang, Lin Yang, Xue Qing Mei, Bai Chuan Xiao, Bei Zhang
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Traction devices are power transmission components of railbound vehicle. This article discusses the gearbox mechanical properties numerical...
Authors: You Jie Zhou, Chun Hua Xiong, Chang Bo Lu
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Based on current market of the holmium laser lithotripsy device power by manual control, the image recognition technology are presented by...
Authors: Zheng Jin, Bo Hong Li, Chuan Li Qin, Xiao Min Ren, Shan Tao Yan, Xu Duo Bai
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Electronic characterization, Electrochemical properties, Electrochemical techniques, Abstract. In this paper, the α-phase Ni(OH)2...
Authors: Xiao Bing Zhao, Jing You, Chao Jin, Xia Zhang Li, Zhi Gang Chen
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:Ce0.8La0.2O1.9-attapulgite (Ce0.8La0.2O1.9-ATP) nanocomposite materials...
Authors: Bor Tsung Hsieh, Yi Kuo Chang, Chia Chieh Chen
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:In this research, the acrylic acid (AAc) was grafted onto polypropylene (PP) fabrics with the gamma-ray (γ-ray) preirradiation. The effect of...
Authors: Jin Xu
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:An algorithm for extending B-spline curves with a sequence of ordered points constraint is presented based on the curve unclamping algorithm....
Authors: Yuan Cai Lv, Chen Tian, Ai Yan, Ming Hua Liu
Environmental Friendly Materials
Abstract:Activated carbon supported nano-TiO2 photocatalyst material was prepared with activated carbon as the carrier and carboxyl methyl...
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