Advanced Materials and Processes: ADME 2011

Volumes 311-313

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi He, Hao Bin Zhou, Yan Ming Liu, Lan Yun Li

Abstract: The solution redistribution was an important phenomenon during the solidification of multi-component alloys. The improvements of the solute...

Authors: Chang Tian, Rui Chun Wang, Run Xia Li, Rong De Li

Abstract: Based on Empirical Electron Theory in solid (EET) and Bond Length Difference (BLD) the valence electron structures of precipitates in AlCu...

Authors: Fei Fei Liang, Yan Ming Hao, Yan Zhao Wu

Abstract: The thermal expansion and the Curie temperature of Tm2Fe15SiCr compound have been investigated by means of x-ray...

Authors: Yan Shun Zhang, Shu Wei Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the output data of MEMS gyroscope ADRX150 under different input angular velocity within the temperature range of -30°C~50°C...

Authors: Jing Bai, Yang Shan Sun, Feng Xue

Abstract: Microstructures, mechanical and creep properties of as-cast and as-annealed Mg-4Al-2Sr-1Ca (AJX421) alloy were investigated. The as cast...

Authors: Cheng Yuan Chu, Shi Hong Shi, Ge Yan Fu, Mei Xu

Abstract: 1Cr18Ni9Ti specimens were observed the plastic deformation by the method of coordinate grid under the low stress repeated impact test. And...

Authors: Xun Yao, Shuang Jin Liu, Chun Xiang Cui, Fen Fei Cai

Abstract: New metastable beta titanium alloy Ti-4Al-2.7V-12Mo-10Nb-1Zr-0.2Cr was carried out in the arc melting vacuum furnace. The microstructure and...

Authors: Guang Li, Wen Tie Niu, Da Wei Zhang, Wei Guo Gao

Abstract: The connection design of flow path is the most important task in Hydraulic Manifold Blocks (HMB) design. But the traditional method of...

Authors: Fan Zhang, Cheng Wen Tan, Hong Nian Cai

Abstract: Supersaturated Mg-Gd-Y alloy followed by aging at 225 °C with different times were subjected to quais-static and dynamic strain rates to...

Authors: Cheng Yu Guo, Jian Chao Wang, Bi Qing Chen, Shu Hai Wang, Mei Feng Yun

Abstract: Ni(Ⅱ) was reduced to Ni atom irreversibly by a one-step reaction in acetamide-urea-NaBr melt at 353K. The electron-transfer coefficient, and...


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