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Authors: Hai Gong, Yun Xin Wu, Zhong Huai Wu, Yi Hua Li
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Using finite element method, a quenching analysis of 7075 aluminum alloy thick plate is carried out. The effect of surface heat transfer...
Authors: Guo Xing Tang, Wei Min Mao, Yong Feng Liu
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:The semisolid slurry of A356 Al alloy was preparation by low superheat pouring and weak traveling-wave electromagnetic stirring. The effects...
Authors: Niu Can Liu, Jun Qing Li, Gang Li
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Two kinds of ZL108 alloys containing titanium are produced with electrolytic low-titanium aluminum alloy (named as ZL108D) and pure aluminum...
Authors: Zhe Jun Wang, Hong Fu Qiang, Xue Ren Wang
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Based on the characteristics of the flow stress curves for one new kind of metastable Ti2448 titanium alloy from isothermal hot compression...
Authors: Yao Nan Cheng, Zhen Jia Li, Yi Zhi Liu, Hui Ping Zhang, Xian Zhou Wang
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:The impact disrepair and adhering disrepair of milling insert are the important factors that affect the normally running of the automated...
Authors: Zhi Yuan Shen, Jian Fu Zhang, Zhi Jun Wu, Ping Fa Feng, Chao Xu
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Aiming at the problem of the influence of joints on machine structure static performance, this paper presents a method of modeling and...
Authors: Hong Hua Zhang, Jun Huai Xiang, Gan Lan Yang, Wei Wang
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:The kinetics and products of oxidation of ternary Co-10Cr-5Si alloys in 1 atm of pure O2 at 700 and 800°C were investigated. The...
Authors: Shun Zhong Yao, Yong Nian Dai, Hao Huang, Xiao Hong Wan
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Chemical compositions of Cadmium and lead were measured with conditions that the temperature between 400-700°C and remaining pressure of...
Authors: Shuang Jin Liu, Fen Fei Cai, Chun Xiang Cui, Xun Yao
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:The determination of titanium alloy phase transformation point is very important for phase transformation is the theoretical basis of...
Authors: Wei Zhong Wu, Cai Xia Fan, Bang Jun Chen, Ji Qiang Gu
Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Firstly, realizes module partition and simplification of product level CAD model using modularization and hierarchy design flow. Then,...
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