Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering

Volumes 378-379

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sha Chang, Jing Ping Zhu

Abstract: The anoxic, anaerobic and aerobic reactors were used to treat rural domestic wastewater, single-stage reactor inoculated with different...

Authors: Feng Ying Guo, Jing Liu, Li Ping, Cheng Long Wang, Xi Jun Yao, Xu Sun

Abstract: To analogy and calculate the force distributed characteristic of external force of stem to transmition toward the root system by the SM...

Authors: You Zhen Yang

Abstract: Based on the two-dimensional elasticity,the symplectic method is applied to study analytically the stress distributions of anisotropic...

Authors: Hui Yuan Li, Ming Xu, Chao Wu

Abstract: Based on application characteristic of hydraulic retarder in combined braking, the generant mechanism of air losing is analyzed, by adding...

Authors: Yu Xin Zhang, Zeng Zhong Wang, Ye Yan Liu

Abstract: Analytical models of the actual structure often differ greatly from their as-built counterparts. Model updating techniques improve the...

Authors: Bai Song Du, Zhong Guo Ma, Ling Luo

Abstract: The paper is concerned with using experiments and numerical simulations to study the mechanical performance of a Honeycomb Fiber-Reinforced...

Authors: Wei Ke An, An Hui Cai, Xiang Fu Tan, Xiao Song Li, Yun Luo

Abstract: The Al-40Si alloy modified by 1.0 wt% Sr addition was heat-treated using L9(34) orthogonal test. The mechanical properties were measured....

Authors: Li Yan, Xin Sheng Yin, Bo Wang

Abstract: For concrete perforated brick wall has drying shrinkage cracks during the construction and use which is the prevalent phenomenon, combined...

Authors: Ai Zhong Lu, Ning Zhang

Abstract: Thick-walled hollow cylinder is an important class of engineering structure, the stress state of which depends on the loads and properties...

Authors: Cheng Li Zhu

Abstract: Owing to the excellent properties, carbon fiber composites have been applied in many fields. This article outlined the new applications and...


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