Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering

Volumes 378-379

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Hui Dong, Hui Min Wang, Xiu Mei Wang, Hua Xing

Abstract: It is a knotty problem in the actual project, that contraction deformation produce stretching stress on the concrete engineering. To counter...

Authors: Xiu Mei Qiu, Han Bing Bian

Abstract: In this paper, a storage cell for the high level radioactive wastes is studied in order to identify and demonstrate the coupled phenomena...

Authors: Bu Yun Qi, Hui Li Dou

Abstract: In order to analyze the distributing condition of urban passenger flow scientifically and correctly, the disaggregate Dogit model is...

Authors: Yang Zhang

Abstract: How to accurately predict peak traffic is difficult for various forecasting models. In this paper, least squares support vector machines...

Authors: Duo Tian Xia, Ming Sheng He, Yan Juan Tang, Lei Wei Shi

Abstract: At present, many experts and scholars use theory way to search the concrete’s dry shrinking stress. According to action and in-action...

Authors: Ling Luo, Bai Song Du, Hong Luo

Abstract: Based on the purpose of the bridge health monitoring, a new health monitoring system, including hardware and software part, is proposed for...

Authors: Hui Juan Liu, Lu Feng Yang, Yong Feng Luo

Abstract: Dynamic stability of suspen-domes is analyzed in the paper. Theoretical investigation is conducted based on the Lypumov dynamic stability...

Authors: Shang Ming Li

Abstract: The scaled boundary finite element method (SBFEM) was extended to solve dam-reservoir interaction problems in the time domain and a dynamic...

Authors: You Wei Sun, Ni Men, Jing Shan Bo, Ping Li, Xiao Guang Cai

Abstract: The changes of tunnel rock stress caused by dynamic load is a hot point in geotechnical engineering. The paper introduces seismic methods of...

Authors: Kuan Min Chen, Lai Fa Xie, Wen Sen Xiang

Abstract: Considering the grey feature of traffic accident occurrence, grey model optimized by least-square theory is introduced to prejudge the...


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