Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering

Volumes 378-379

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Ping Wang, Li Zhao, Chao Qun Ma, Yan Yong Guo

Abstract: With the rising of urban rail transit planning and constructing in China, the relationship between rail transit and bus must be located....

Authors: Li Ping Liu, Yong Liu, Ying Min Li

Abstract: Frame structure on a slope is a common kind of structure in a mountainous area. It can diminish the impact on environment, by avoiding to...

Authors: Wei Dong Pan, Xiao Long Sheng, Ren Guo Gu, Ke Zhu

Abstract: In the consolidation theory of sand drain foundation settlement, the influence of groundwater level changes on the soil consolidation has...

Authors: Ke Wu, Ming Yue Ma, Dong Xue Hao

Abstract: Anti-seepage reinforcement technology of splitting grouting to improve the stability of dam, has been an effective reinforcement method in...

Authors: Xue Shu Wu, Wan Li Xue, Guo Rui, Xu Qian Zhao, Gu Li

Abstract: Seismic response of a high-rise building under rare earthquake is numerically investigated in the paper. The Height of the building is 266m,...

Authors: Zi Lin Li, Yu Bin Gao, Xue Song Wang

Abstract: To ensure the pressure bars to work safely and reliably, the most important thing is that the bars should possess sufficient stability. The...

Authors: Chun Ying Wu, Zhi Xiang Zhang

Abstract: The mechanical analysis is applied for the steel box girder bridge with orthotropic plate and pavement by means of Finite Element Method....

Authors: Ping Li, Jing Shan Bo, Xiao Yun Guo, You Wei Sun, Yu Dong Zhang

Abstract: Regarding the design response spectrum in the code for seismic design of buildings as target spectra,the 28 acceleration histories are...

Authors: Yan Wei Niu, Toshitaka Yamao

Abstract: The static and dynamic behavior of an upper deck type steel arch bridge was demonstrated. During the static analysis, both material and...

Authors: Rong Jian Li, Yu Zhen Yu, Yu Jie Jiao

Abstract: In order to study the characteristic of seismic response of the reinforced slope subjected to earthquake, the seismic response spectrum of...


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