Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering

Volumes 378-379

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ni Men, You Wei Sun, Jing Shan Bo, Ping Li, Wei Lin

Abstract: Permeability coefficient is one of the important hydrogeololgy parameters on dewatering design. Owing to complexity of hydrogeololgy and...

Authors: Dong Cai Qu, Jin Yong Yu, Ji Hong Cheng

Abstract: Constant vertical wind disturbance is a kind of important disturbance form. This form will bring big effect on keeping and controlling aero...

Authors: Yu Qing Yuan, Xuan Cang Wang, Hui Jun Shao

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of aeolian sand subgrade compaction, we studied the technology of impact compaction, applied it to the...

Authors: Yu Xu Zhang

Abstract: The reinforced RC girder with external prestress is applied more and more widely. Reinforcement of the girder is influenced by various...

Authors: Hui Yu, Song Cheng, Gang Yang, Yong Heng Gao, Zhong You Zhang, Bo Peng, Gang Xiong

Abstract: Strong earthquakes (>7.0 Ms) critically change pedosphere, how the changed soils disturb tree root growth related to forest restoration is...

Authors: Yi Bai Wang, Jian Fang Fei, Xiao Gang Huang, Xiao Ping Cheng, Yi Jun Ge

Abstract: A coupled modeling system has been developed to describe the mineral dust cycle in the atmosphere. It is composed of MM5, ECIP, WE (wind...

Authors: Tomáš Daněk, Jan Thomas, Jan Jelínek, Jiří Mališ

Abstract: The aim of this study was to quantify the properties of sludge from iron and steel industry with high content of heavy metals, which has...

Authors: Cen Wen

Abstract: The method in this paper the efficiency and reusability of the flow simulation algorithm be significantly improved. We put forward a...

Authors: Hua Yang, Yan Ju Liu, Wei Shao

Abstract: It was the first in China that an attempt was made at screening houseplants to remove ammonia from indoor air. A fumigation system was used...

Authors: Xiang Ming Qiao, An Xu

Abstract: To analyse and research the idle hydrocarbon emission regularity of passenger car gasoline engine, based on large sample detected data of...


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