Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering

Volumes 378-379

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Ying Xu, Ming Yu Yang

Abstract: Map symbol is the basis of digital cartography, and ArcGIS is the best suited digital cartography GIS software in the current. As the same...

Authors: Hai Yan Li, Hong Shao

Abstract: The effects of nitric oxide (NO) in protecting maize (Zea mays) roots against cadmium (Cd) toxicity were investigated. Maize seedlings...

Authors: Jitka Hajduková, Jan Thomas, Petra Maliková, Jiří Vidlář

Abstract: This paper considers the demineralization of mine water using a lab-scale electrodialysis unit EDR-Z/10-1.0. Experiment were carried out on...

Authors: Ji Lun Miao, Jing Qiu Chen, Cen Wen

Abstract: A sliding block model is developed for predicting the runout of high-speed landslides, which couple with SPH method (Smoothed Particle...

Authors: Hai Yan Li, Wan Zhong Zhang

Abstract: Abscisic acid (ABA) and sodium nitroprusside (SNP) treatment significantly increased chilling tolerance in maize seedlings. ABA in...

Authors: Yu Qin, Jing Song Guo, Fang Fang

Abstract: PCR-DGGE was applied to analyze the relationship between pH and the microbial community structure of Sequence Batch Biofilm Reactor (SBBR)...

Authors: Lian Dong Zhu, Marja Naaranoja, Erkki Hiltunen

Abstract: The issues of energy shortage, global warming and climate change have led to an increased interest in new energy sector, such as...

Authors: Tomáš Daněk, Jan Thomas, Jiří Mališ, Jan Jelínek

Abstract: The paper deals with the properties of mixtures on the base of fly ash and sludge from the metallurgical production. The mixture composition...

Authors: Li Ming Hu, Heng Zhen Lee, Jian Wang, Jian Ting Du

Abstract: Air sparging (AS) is one of the in-situ groundwater remediation techniques for remediating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contaminated...

Authors: Xue Gang Huang, Yu You Yang, Gui He Wang

Abstract: A three-dimensional (3D) failure mechanism, based on the framework of the kinematical approach of limit analysis theory, is applied to...


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