Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering

Volumes 378-379

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Ping Cao, Min Zhao, Qi Chao Shi

Abstract: Piled embankments are increasingly used to construct highways on soft soils. End-bearing piles for supporting embankment exhibit different...

Authors: Yu You Yang, Xue Gang Huang, Xiao Jie Wang, Qiong Fang Zhang, Chen Liu

Abstract: In the traditional classification of the soil stratums, geological engineers mostly classify the soil stratums according to their...

Authors: Min Ding, Yi Yan, Yong Xing Zhang

Abstract: The selection of bracing system for a deep excavation is a quite complex system engineering which relates to many target factors of safety...

Authors: Li Ping Fan, Ying Song, Jun Zhang

Abstract: Bioprocesses have high nonlinearity and parameter uncertainty. In view of these specific natures of the bioreactor, system identification...

Authors: Ding Hong Peng, Chang Yuan Gao, Li Xuan Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a multi-criteria group decision making method based TOPSIS, which can be used to deal with heterogeneous information(the...

Authors: B. Mardiana, Hanim Abdul Razak, H. Hazura, S. Shaari, P. Susthitha Menon, Huda Abdullah, N. Arsad

Abstract: In near future, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) microring resonator are expected to be basic components for wavelength filtering and switching...

Authors: Elena Valentina Stoian

Abstract: Conductive plastics are attracting more and more interest in electronics due to their light weight and inability to rust, which are common...

Authors: Qiang Wang, Hong Li

Abstract: This paper analyses and designs a kind of pulse-driving based wireless power transmission system via coupled magnetic resonances. It...

Authors: Lu Ning Xu, Jun Biao Liu, Han Li

Abstract: A valve based on electro-rheological fluid (ERF) is introduced for its possibility of being a very small volume and power consuming. A novel...

Authors: H. Hazura, A.R. Hanim, B. Mardiana, S. Shaari, B.Y. Majlis, P.S. Menon

Abstract: In this paper, we presented the performance analysis of Silicon- on- Insulator (SOI) based, four channels optical wavelength demultiplexer...


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