Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering

Volumes 378-379

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Seong Hee Lee, Daejin Yoon, Hiroshi Utsunomiya

Abstract: Microstructural evolution of a copper alloy processed by accumulative roll-bonding (ARB) was investigated by EBSD analysis. The grains...

Authors: Saleh N. Alamri, M. S. Benghanem, A. A. Joraid

Abstract: This study investigates the preparation of the three main layers of a CdS/CdTe thin film solar cell using a single vacuum system. A Close...

Authors: Itsara Srithanachai, Surada Ueamanapong, Amporn Poyai, Surasak Niemcharoen

Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of soft X-ray irradiation various energy and times on P-N junction diodes. X-ray energy irradiated on P-N...

Authors: Ali Alavi-Shoushtari, S. M. Mousavi, D. Azimi-Yancheshmeh

Abstract: the most common forms of damage mechanisms in water transportation pumps are cavitaion, erosion and corrosion. Type and intensity of failure...

Authors: S. Thassanaprichayanont, Duangduen Atong, Viboon Sricharoenchaikul

Abstract: The steam reforming of toluene as a model compound of biomass gasification tar was carried out over Mg and La oxide-promoted Ni-metal...

Authors: Jae Ah Jeong, Woo Keun Lee

Abstract: 8,285 tons/day of sewage sludge was discharged in 2009. Our study investigated improving sewage sludge’s recyclability by making lightweight...

Authors: Nakhon Noonai, Anak Khantachawana, Pongpan Kaewtathip, Julathep Kajornchaiyakul

Abstract: NiTi shape memory alloy is widely used in dental applications such as orthodontics arch wire, mini screw implant, orthodontics spring, etc.,...

Authors: Seung Hwan Byun, Seung Hyun Cho

Abstract: 4,4’-Diglycidyloxy-α-methylstilbene (DOMS) was synthesized and characterized with cross-polarized optical microscopy (POM), differential...

Authors: Song Jing Li, Jing Hui Peng, Sheng Zhuo Zhang, Jacob M. Mchenya

Abstract: Magnetic fluid (MF) shows an increased saturation magnetization when exposed to a magnetic field. In order to improve the quality of...

Authors: Cheng Chiang Chen, Lung Chien Chen, Shu Jung Kuo

Abstract: This study examined the nanostructure InN compact layer and Au nano particles to dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs).We presents the DSSCs...


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