Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering

Volumes 378-379

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Wen Li, Xin Hua Chen

Abstract: Reactive compatibilization between high-density polyethylene(HDPE) and wood-flour was achieved via direct reactive extrusion of glycidyl...

Authors: Swee Yong Pung, Kwang Leong Choy

Abstract: A low cost and substrate-independent method has been established to synthesize vertically aligned ZnO nanowires (NWs) on iron oxide films...

Authors: Jeong Min Kim, Joon Sik Park, Ho Seob Yun, Seung Jin Lee, Seong Uk An

Abstract: Cast IN738LC alloy mainly consists of primary gamma matrix, gamma prime precipitates, and carbides. SEM-EDS analysis results suggested that...

Authors: M.A. Nizam, N. Arsad, Hanim Abdul Razak, S. Shaari, A.E. Annuar, M.Z.A. Nasir, A.Z.A. Rashid

Abstract: Four-wave mixing (FWM) phenomenon can be produced by using a different refractive index of the optical fiber in an erbium doped fiber laser...

Authors: John L. Sulley, Brian K. Bull, Andrew C. Wood

Abstract: This paper presents an overview of the work undertaken by Rolls-Royce to introduce Hot Isostatically Pressed (HIP) large bore, austenitic...

Authors: Dong Won Yun, Kyung Jinho, Soo Hyun Kim

Abstract: Water proofing is an obvious problem in developing successful underwater robots. In previous research, most underwater robots have used a...

Authors: Jung Jin Park, Tae Wook Kang, Dae Young Woo, Joong Kon Son, Hyung Cheol Shin

Abstract: In order to investigate the influence of the traps which exist in the multi-quantum-well (MQW) of GaN-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs), we...

Authors: Yong Ding, Xiao Hua Luo, Cao Gao

Abstract: Gate oxide shorts (GOS) defect is a critical factor in influencing yield or reliability of the wafer. Due to the conventional test vehicles...

Authors: M. Mirtahery, Zoghi M. Abbasi

Abstract: Since Ronan Point tower local collapse in UK in 1968, progressive collapse phenomenon in structures attracted more attention for civil...

Authors: Olivier Plé, Thi Ngoc Hà Lê, Murad S. AbuAisha

Abstract: Landfills come with a cover barrier which includes a compacted silty clay liner essential to safety on site. However this barrier encounters...


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