Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering

Volumes 378-379

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: An Nan Jiang, Shu Ai Jiang

Abstract: Considering the erosion effect of underground water deteriorate the micro structure of rock which results in the time effect of rock deform,...

Authors: Chao Sun, Qing Wang

Abstract: In order to study the effect of mining excavation on planed structure on ground surface, the effect of certain mining excavation on ground...

Authors: Xiao Ming Tu, Yu You Yang, Gui He Wang

Abstract: With the development and utilization of underground space, some new tunnel forms are emerging, such as the rectangular tunnel, double...

Authors: Jun Jie Wang, Hui Ping Zhang, Tao Liu

Abstract: This study focuses on the method to determine the slip surface in waterfront soil slope analysis under static and seismic conditions. Based...

Authors: Jin Jiang YU, Qian Gong Cheng, Cheng Hui Li, Jiu Jiang Wu, Hua Wen

Abstract: Based on the treatment of in-situ foundation, two distinct model tests for pile-net composite foundation in super large area and deep soft...

Authors: Ji Yan Zhan, Guo Xing Chen, Dan Dan Jin

Abstract: Considering the dynamic nonlinear characteristics of soil by equivalent linear method, one-dimensional wave models were established to study...

Authors: Gui He Wang, Yu You Yang

Abstract: The tunnel construction often encounters the problem of adaptability of sand-gravel formation and earth pressure balance shield (EPBS)...

Authors: Bing Yang, Jun Yang

Abstract: Landslides induced by many reasons had resulted in heavy casualties and property losses. Therefore, the research on the failure process of...

Authors: Xiang Yun Guo, Zhen Feng Li, Ming Zhang

Abstract: Considering the typical semi-rigid pavement structure, combined with our existing asphalt pavement structural design specification...

Authors: Li Feng Li, Xi Bing Li, Hai Peng Ma, Jiang Feng Xie

Abstract: The blasting vibration derived from multiple blasts and its effects on surrounding rock in a longspan tunnel will probably give rise to...


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