Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Jie Ma, Si Jia Liu, Xue Song Zhou, Cheng Wen Tian, Fang Liang

Abstract: As a typical power electronic circuit, the dynamic model of boost converter can be viewed as a mixing or interacting system between the...

Authors: Robson M. Da Silva, Julio Arakaki, Fabricio Junqueira, Diolino J. Santos Filho, Paulo E. Miyagi

Abstract: Faults occurrence is inevitable in real world and a practical alternative approach is the reduction of fault consequences. Despite of this,...

Authors: Yun Chu Zhang, Ru Min Zhang, Shi Jun Song

Abstract: This paper analyzes the background modeling mechanism using Gaussian mixture model and the stability /plasticity dilemma in parameters...

Authors: Hui Wang, Wei Tian

Abstract: Phenomenon of electrostatic hazards is becoming increasingly prominent with wide application of microelectronic elements. Electrostatic...

Authors: Bi Zhen Bao, Ping Yang, Hu Wen Cao

Abstract: A method was proposed based on principle of EKF (extended Kalman Filter) state estimation to improve the localization precision of...

Authors: Jie Luo, Wen Hui Wu

Abstract: Power flow analysis plays a significant role in both design and operational stage. The purpose of any load flow analysis is to compute...

Authors: Dong Guo, Min Xu, Shi Lu Chen, Yu Qian

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to produce a modeling capability for integrated flight dynamics of flexible aircraft that can better predict...

Authors: Bo Qiang Xu, Xiao Ling Zhang

Abstract: Vector control technology is regarded as a kind of controlling manner of AC asynchronous motor and it has already become the first method of...

Authors: Hao Wen, Hong Wang

Abstract: According to the China Aviation Industry Standard HB6129 “The requirements of aircraft lightning protection and test method” and standards...

Authors: Jun Chuan Niu, Hao Nan Guo, Meng Li

Abstract: For simplicity and not losing generality, a half-vehicle model with 4 rigid DOFs is presented by mobility or impedance method and transfer...


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