Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Min Zhang

Abstract: Based on the early research of the efficiency evaluation index system of fire command automation system,combining the characteristics of...

Authors: Dan Li, Fang Zong Wang

Abstract: It is well-known that, the identification of the single-phase to ground faulted line in neutral non-grounded distribution systems is a...

Authors: Li Na Liu, Hui Juan Qi, Bin Li

Abstract: The parameters of large wind turbine need to be adjusted timely to avoid excessive wind energy that will cause damage on the wind turbine...

Authors: Zhong Xing Li, Feng Yu, Mei Li

Abstract: Due to the limited life of series-connected battery stack suffered from the imbalanced charging-discharging operation, the equalization...

Authors: Hong Hai Kuang, Zheng Qiu Wu, Xiao Ning He

Abstract: With people attaching importance to sustainable development and reducing environmental pollution, distributed generation technology is...

Authors: Zhang Rong Chen, Yun Fei Li

Abstract: To meet the practical demands of some firms making CNC machine tools, a remote warning and diagnosis system is designed and introduced in...

Authors: Lin Zhu, Zhan Guo Wu

Abstract: An new approach to multi-task programming using Finite State Machine (FSM) integrated with the multi-task concurrence schedule mechanism of...

Authors: Guang Guo Zhang, Zhi Bin Chang, Qing Shan Gong, Che Liang

Abstract: This article has completed the 3D solid modeling of the globoidal indexing cam by Solidworks, imported the 3D model to Mastercam, every...

Authors: Dong Jiang Li, Yong Sheng Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a model designing and simulation realization of arc protection system based on GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation...

Authors: Dong Jiang Li, Yi Zhang

Abstract: This paper analyzes operation problems of medium voltage switchgear cabinet in the electric power system. According to the international...


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