Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Qiang Xu, Fu Hua Yang

Abstract: The speed-adjustable system of asynchronous motor has been widely used in industrial production. in motor control, magnetic control is a key...

Authors: Rui Yuan Xu, Cun Shan Zhang

Abstract: The air gap flux density distribution in different radius of three conditions such as stator iron without slotting, stator iron slotting...

Authors: Tao Sui, Bing Li, Xiu Zhi Liu, Wen Shang Xu

Abstract: The paper describes a small batching machine control system that takes chip C8051F040 as the core controller. The system that has automatic...

Authors: Hong Fang Tian, Jian Bo Cao, Zheng Xi Li

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to introduce a high-gain Boost circuit and to use the maximum power model to analyze the principles of maximum...

Authors: Kun Liang Liu, Da Kun Zhang

Abstract: To build airport simulation system, several key techniques must be solved. Thus the Real-time and Practicality of the system can be...

Authors: Zhi An Liu, Jun Hu Hu, Jiang Ping Chen, Jin Ying Xue, Qi Wang Liu

Abstract: A compound flocculant, Poly aluminous-ferric-sulphate (PAFS), was prepared with waste slag of a steel work, hematite tailings, concentrated...

Authors: Bin Yang, Tai Qin Yang, Gao Dian Peng

Abstract: PCC-AC composite pavement has the advantages of high carrying capability and excellent comfort. The maximum temperature gradient formula of...

Authors: Kai Cao, De Ming Wang, Xin Xiao Lu

Abstract: Coal fires are emerging as a global threat with significant economic, social and ecological impacts, besides the loss of energy resources...

Authors: Hui Bin Xu, Bo Fang Zhou, Quan Xiang Luo, You Liang Zeng, Chang Hua Du

Abstract: The joining process of SiCp/A356 composites is investigated. The two substrates are heated up to the melt temperature of Zn27Al filler metal...

Authors: You Qing Jiang, Yun Bo Zhang, Zhi Yong Lin, Jun Chen, Ming Ming Yu

Abstract: Block copolymer consists of two and more than two of different polymer links. Epoxy terminated polydtyrene (Ps-ep) active polymer was used...


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