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Authors: Jian Sheng Xie, Ping Luan, Jin Hua Li
Chapter 9: Composite Materials II
Abstract:Using magnetron sputtering technology, the CuInSi nanocomposite thin films were prepared by multilayer synthesized method. The structure of...
Authors: Nguyen van Chanh, Mitsuhiro Shigeishi, Tran Quoc Tho
Chapter 9: Composite Materials II
Abstract:The paper present solidifying technology based on geopolymer theory of inorganic composite materials from bauxite, red residue from bauxite...
Authors: Naoki Horiike, Shoichiro Yoshihara, Yoshitaka Tsuji, Yusuke Okude
Chapter 10: Materials Forming
Abstract:In the deep-drawing process, the application of low-frequency vibration to the blank material has recently been focused on with the aim of...
Authors: Lei Zhang, Wen Yan Liang, Ji Feng Zhang, Fang Liu
Chapter 10: Materials Forming
Abstract:We filled different proportions of inorganic packing(nano-silica) in the epoxy resin and investigated the flexural properties of modified...
Authors: Yuji Kotani, Shunsuke Kanai, Hisaki Watari
Chapter 10: Materials Forming
Abstract:Recently the growing demand for light weight products with high strength has been increased by the rapid development of automobile and...
Authors: Deni Ferdian, Anton Norman
Chapter 10: Materials Forming
Abstract:The aim of this work is to get the ferrite nucleation criteria from the recrystallized austenite grain after hot deformation in non...
Authors: Hong Yan Wan, Zhi Fang Zhou
Chapter 10: Materials Forming
Abstract:Along with our country urbanization step of speed, and a high focus on the Chinese Government to build a countrywide infrastructure network,...
Authors: Emil Ragan, Petr Baron, Jozef Dobránsky
Chapter 10: Materials Forming
Abstract:Advantageous properties of plastic materials, low investment costs for a production, cheap and productive processing method were given the...
Authors: Ali Parvizi, Karen Abrinia
Chapter 10: Materials Forming
Abstract:A generalized upper bound solution for the deformation of ring in the ring rolling process has been formulated. An admissible velocity field...
Authors: Yusri Yusof, Mohd Fahrurazi Mohd Nor
Chapter 10: Materials Forming
Abstract:Today with the latest technology the information beyond tool movement and switching instruction such as tooling, manufacturing features and...
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