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Authors: Bao Yun Zhang, Chang Mei Jiao, Peng Wang, Long Jiang, Bao Hua Ji, Dong Fang
Chapter 10: Materials Forming
Abstract:The binary eutectic of lauric acid-stearic acid / expanded perlite composite phase change materials (PCM) was prepared using the method of...
Authors: Da Wang Wang, Teng Cai Ma, Yu Tao Zhang
Chapter 10: Materials Forming
Abstract:This paper presents the methane coupling with a new developed rotary multidentate helix electrode under plasmas at atmospheric pressure and...
Authors: Jiu Long Wang
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:The gas monitor with optical fiber is developed in this paper based on the principle that the absorption light changes with gas intensity...
Authors: Jiu Long Wang
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Methane is an easily burning and exploding gas. It is the primary component of many gas fuels such as mine gas and natural gas and so on. In...
Authors: Ting Hao, Hui Yang, Hong Bing Xu
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:A great deal of energy can be absorbed when the inner diameter of a steel tube is inflated by inserting a rigid rod. This procedure has some...
Authors: Feng Xia Li, Yue Long Wang
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:The TLM model of 3 - phase pow er t ran sm ission line is developed. Appling the transmission line modeling (TLM) method to analysis 1000kV...
Authors: Xiu Jun Liang, Wei Ping Yan
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Coal char combustion under the O2/CO2 atmosphere is one of the prospect cleaner coal technologies, its combustion...
Authors: Yong Jun Zhang, Xiao Zhan Li
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Rotor flux observation is a key step in implementation of a field-oriented vector control system. Aiming at eliminating the influence of the...
Authors: Rong Kong, Dong Lin Su, Qiu Yuan Lv
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:The idea of this paper roots in the electromagnetic compatibility design of the whole aircraft system, in which out of band characteristics...
Authors: Wei Ming Du, Fei Xue
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:The crane reel is generally manufactured by section welding method when the diameter is over 380mm. With the cumulative fatigue damage...
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