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Authors: Dong Juan Kang, Xiao Long Tang, Jin Hui Peng, Hong Hong Yi, Ping Ni, Zhi Qing Ye, Kai Li
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:The aim of this paper is to study the adsorption characteristics of nitric oxide (NO) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) on raw coal...
Authors: Chao Wang, Wei Liu, Jin Shen, Bo Xue Tan
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:The fiber optic dynamic light scattering has become an important technique in applied science for analysing the particle size. This paper...
Authors: Yu Po Ma, Xiang Rong Li, Xiang Yuan Wang, Fu Shui Liu
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:With the continuous improvement of power density,in the process of diesel fuel evaporation in cylinder, the interaction between droplets...
Authors: Xin Tong Tang, Chang Qing Cai
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Control system of industrial furnace is optimized based on the aspect of the combustion. General goal of the control system is to achieve the...
Authors: Yu Bao Cao
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:The corrosion resistance of blackishgreen passivation films on zinc-plated steel sheet was studied by polarization curve measurement,...
Authors: You Li Ma
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:For a slant pre-crack under mixed-mode conditions, a method is proposed in which mode Ⅰ and mode Ⅱ stress intensity...
Authors: Kai Li, Xiao Long Tang, Hong Hong Yi, Ping Ning, Zhi Qing Ye, Dong Juan Kang, Jing Hao Song
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Mn-Ni-Ox catalyst was prepared by the co-precipitation method. The most active catalysts were obtained with a molar Ni/ (Mn+Ni) ratio of 0.1....
Authors: Shu Hong Tang
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:In order to improve the present accuracy and speed of XLPE cable materials impurity testing, we set up the impurity testing system using the...
Authors: Lei Zhang, Shao Li Shi, Ying Ying Sun, Yang Tian
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:This paper proposes an ultrasonic localization system, which adopts ultrasonic sensors to set up a network and realizes the information...
Authors: Dang Juan Li, Shen Jian Wu
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:In this paper, for the transference phenomenon of high polymers, a method of measurement system based on sodium light and feisuo interference...
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