Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: V. Muthuraman, R. Ramakrishnan

Abstract: Tungsten carbide - Cobalt (WC-Co) reinforced metal matrix composites are most commonly used as tool and die materials. The machining of WC-...

Authors: Waluyo Adi Siswanto, Rodzilla Y. Sharafuddin, Perowansa Paruka

Abstract: Testing material specimen on impact using high speed puncture machine can be used to observe the ability of material to withstand under a...

Authors: Tapany Udomphol, Benchawan Inpanya, Nutthita Chuankrerkkul

Abstract: Characterization of feedstocks for powder injection molding of SiCp-reinforced aluminium composite, as potential use for...

Authors: Waluyo Adi Siswanto, Badrul Omar, Shamsir Shukri

Abstract: A front bumper of a car is attached to the main vehicle structure by using hollow metals. This paper investigates various cross section...

Authors: Gaurang Patel, M.B. Sureshkumar, Purvi Patel

Abstract: The transmittance, absorbance, and reflectance of PMMA/TiO2 composites, in different weight percentage of TiO2, prepared by a solution cast...

Authors: Omed Ghareb Abdullah, Sarkawt Abubakr Hussen

Abstract: Polymer composite of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), Aluminum Iodide have been prepared by solution cast method for different doping...

Authors: Singh Siddhartha, Suveda Aarya, A.K. Srivastava, Monika Mishra, M.A. Wahab

Abstract: The structural and optical properties of virgin and gamma rays irradiation on aromatic polymers (PET, PES and Kapton) at various doses...

Authors: Kai Liao, Yun Xin Wu

Abstract: It’s necessary to research and analyze the correctness of internal stress measurement, in order to effectively deal with the measurement...

Authors: S. Shanmugan, D. Mutharasu, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim

Abstract: 25% Zinc doped Cadmium Telluride thin films were prepared using Stacked Elemental Layer method. The structural studies were conducted by the...

Authors: Engku Abd Engku Ali Ghapur, W.A. Dhafina, S. Hasiah, N.A.N. Ali

Abstract: In this work, ZnO nanorod has been grown by hydrothermal solution method. The samples were prepared by two stages. The first stage was...


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