Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Dong, Wei Gao, Zheng You

Abstract: A chemical gas sensor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) detection at trace level is proposed. In this paper, the development and...

Authors: Shuan Shi Fan, Juan Du, Yan Hong Wang, Xue Mei Lang

Abstract: Growth kinetics of TBAB semiclathrate forming from 32wt% aqueous solution at 10±1°C and atmospheric pressure was studied through macro...

Authors: Jiang Yong Cai, Zhi Feng Tu, Su Min Gong, Li Zhuang

Abstract: Prestressed concrete beams with vertically distributed FRP tendons possess some flexural performance obviously different from prestressed...

Authors: Bing Tao Liu, Hai Yan Song, Yun Xia Li

Abstract: Effect of the dosage of flocculants on activated sludge dewatering is analyzed through the determination of sludge specific resistance to...

Authors: Lin Zhuan Ma, Hua Wang, Shan Qing, Lin Zhuan Ma

Abstract: Currently, the number of the waste printed circuit boards (WPCB) is increasing. The technologies of extracting and reclaiming of the value...

Authors: Hong Zhen Cai, Wei Ming Yi, Xue Yuan Bai

Abstract: The possibility of using coupling agents for crosslinking composites of wheat straw flour and polyethylene was investigated. The wheat straw...

Authors: Wei Liang, Bin Yang, Yun Liang Zhao, Yu Li, Xin Kun Wen

Abstract: By the self-made experimental device, the experiment research on the role of relieving differential settlement of subgrade on graded crushed...

Authors: Zi Qi Li, Yan Yan Fan

Abstract: Based on the research of CFRP reinforced concrete beam , this article indicates that CFRP can improve greatly the fatigue performance of...

Authors: Cheng Qiu, Wei Yi Sun, Chao Long Wang, Shi Jun Su

Abstract: Circular economy promotes the establishment of recycling-oriented society and recycling-based businesses. Circular economy is characterized...

Authors: Fu Sheng Niu, Shu Xian Liu, Jin Xia Zhang, Yi Miao Nie

Abstract: The fine oolitic hematite ore (<20μm) is easily covered by the ore slime, therefore, it is processed very difficultly with traditional...


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