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Authors: Bin Zheng, Chun Mei Lu
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Effects of additive on the desulphurization characteristics of wastes were studied by the high temperature tube reactor and the KZDL-4M...
Authors: Hong Wen Zhang, Min Kang
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Structure, cotton harvesting principal and main working parameters of rubber-bar roller harvester were studied in this paper. K value of...
Authors: Jian Zhong Liu, Yu Jie Yu, Jun Hu Zhou, Chong Du, Lin Ye, Jun Cheng, Ke Fa Cen
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Shenmu coals as low rank coal are difficult to prepare for Coal Water Slurry (CWS). The maximum slurry concentration of Shenmu CWS is lower...
Authors: Sheng Li Niu, Kui Hua Han, Chun Mei Lu
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Nitric oxide (NO) reduction through coal, biomass and their blend reburning is conducted on a drop tube furnace experimental system and it is...
Authors: Hong Bo Liu, Hai Dong Qi, Hong Bin Liu, Li Zhong Wang
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:With the rapid development of society, the demand for steel production is increasing, and the demand of the bar’s quality is getting higher...
Authors: Qiang Li, Sheng Han, Yuan Xiu Wang, Chun Jiang Ye, Feng Shan Wang, Qing Sheng Qi, Hao Ran Cui
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Biosorptions of Cr (VI) by the floc-type biosorbent AR (with glycocalyx) and AR (without glycocalyx) were compared. The initial pH was...
Authors: Lin Zhang, Zhi Lei Ma, Qing Xuan Bo, Li Kun Wang, Li Li Gao
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:To solve the hard problem that the reduction of heat transfer efficiency on the cooling stave of blast furnace due to fouling deposition,...
Authors: Yan Fei Wei, Le Qi, Ting Shan Wang, Jian Ping Wang, Zhe Long Xian, Rui Li Liu
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:The temperature rise of generator components has a great impact on operation performance for large turbine generator. In this paper, applying...
Authors: Ai Mei Zhang, Zhi Yuan Zhang, Qi Li
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:A novel hydro-mechanical deep drawing for magnesium alloy sheets at gradient temperature is proposed and studied. The novel process is on the...
Authors: Xiao Ming Cao, Peng Fei Yin, Rui Na Ma
Chapter 11: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Fe-B alloys with different boron contents were dipped into a pure molten zinc bath to investigate their anti-corrosion property. Scanning...
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