Manufacturing Science and Materials Engineering

Volumes 443-444

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Kai Li, Tao Bai, Le Miao Qiu

Abstract: For the large numbers of material classification coding rules and components in manufacturing enterprises, a computer-aided material...

Authors: Jian Bo Yu, Jian Ping Liu, Mei Fang Liu, Ji Ting Yin, Yong Guo Wang

Abstract: The sensitivity of various features that are characteristics of machine performance may vary significantly under different working...

Authors: Rong Xing, Bao Wei Song, Zhao Yong Mao, Hao Ding

Abstract: The underwater vehicle has never been able to shake off the mode of pushing forward by the propeller and changing motion with underwater fin...

Authors: Bing Wang, Xiao Ling Yuan, Jin Zhu

Abstract: - In this paper, the robust control problem of the doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbines is investigated based on Hamiltonian...

Authors: Gui Rong Zhang

Abstract: The automatic stuffing lubrication system can appropriately provide a fixed amount of high-voltage grease for each lubrication point...

Authors: Yun Zeng, Li Xiang Zhang, Jing Qian, Ya Kun Guo, Tian Mao Xu

Abstract: The change of mechanical torque is usually ignored in small disturbance of power systems, which means that influences of the hydro turbine...

Authors: Kan Huang, Bao Chen Liu, Jian Guo Peng, Fu Huang

Abstract: The collapse surface of surrounding rock induced by the excavation has significant influence on the stability and supporting structures of...

Authors: Xiao Ping Wang, Han Bin Xiao

Abstract: Crack in the port crane which is prevalent in the metal structure of crane is a serious threat to the safety use of crane, therefore, it is...

Authors: Zi Hong Zhang, Hong Quan Zhang

Abstract: Large –scale aluminum ring rolling mill is the core of ring rolling ,it is required for automatic control system to realize high precision...


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