Manufacturing Science and Materials Engineering

Volumes 443-444

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Peng Li, Hui Fan Nie

Abstract: The 3D finite element model of CAKxxx CNC machine tool is established and the static/dynamic characteristics of the machine tool are...

Authors: Li Jun Suo, Xia Guang Hu

Abstract: In China, it is fact that porous concrete base has been used in the construction of asphalt pavement in recent years because porous concrete...

Authors: Li Jun Suo, Xia Guang Hu

Abstract: In the field of asphalt pavement, the study has shown that porous concrete base has a good performance of drainage capacity. When porous...

Authors: Kua Hai Yu, Xi Yang, Zhi Xun Wen, Zhu Feng Yue

Abstract: This paper studies the aerodynamic and heat transfer influence of tip structures for cooling turbine blade. Four blades with different tip...

Authors: Zhao Hui Ren, Yuan Hao

Abstract: Rolling dryer is one kind of dryer device with large output. The characteristic of rolling body has great influence on the output of dryer....

Authors: Yong Jian Feng, Ke Cheng Fu

Abstract: In this paper, according to the real circumstance, a control and inspection system has been designed which enables the fracture fluid...

Authors: Yong Jian Feng, Zhi Lin Huang, Long Fa Yi

Abstract: In this paper we investigate the resistance of micro hollow wire at Giga-hertz range. In order to get the optimum method, deduction in...

Authors: Yan Li Yuan, Tian Min Guan

Abstract: In-process inventory can ensure smooth production process, while it may produce dull materials. The objective of this paper is to propose...

Authors: Yi He, Xiao Mei Dong, Chen Hui Zheng

Abstract: In view of the problem of mass concrete cracks during construction, the corresponding measures and methods are put forward. Generally...

Authors: Xiao Mei Dong, Yi He, Jing Chao Sun

Abstract: In view of the problem of concrete cracks during construction, the good effect of cracks prevention can be achieved if the timely and...


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