Manufacturing Science and Materials Engineering

Volumes 443-444

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Gao, Nan Li

Abstract: In this paper, the approach for the contrarotating propeller parametrization modelling is provided based on the APDL language....

Authors: Qing Chun Yu, Ping Yan Wang, Bin Yang, Chong Long Cui, Han Zhang, Chen Wang

Abstract: Metal aluminum was produced in a vacuum furnace using coal as reductant and aluminum chloride as chlorination agent and examined by means of...

Authors: Ling Sun, Mao Shun Chen, Xian Shu Zheng

Abstract: Prepare poly butylene terephthalate (PBT)/multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) composites through the method of melt blending. Then use...

Authors: Liang Gong, Cheng Liang Liu, Yan Ming Li, Bing Chu Li

Abstract: Nowadays online quality estimation for the resistance spot welding (RSW) has benefited a lot from monitoring the electrode displacement...

Authors: Jian Jun Wu, Yi Zhen Wang

Abstract: Setting of tolerances to meet a required specification of quality characteristic and keep low manufacturing cost is one of common problems...

Authors: Yang Yang, Jian Yong Bian, Cai Lian Zhu, Run Feng Yang

Abstract: In order to solve the domestic intelligent electric actuator being low accuracy, poor and simple network communication function, this paper...

Authors: Sheng Hui Yang, Yan Feng Tang, Xiang Kai Liu, Jin Hua Liu

Abstract: It is difficult to identify whether the ECS of a engine can overcome the HEMP environment, and if there are influences existing, how it will...

Authors: Jian Li Jia

Abstract: To improve the Electrochemical Machining accuracy and little stray corrosion of shaping hole, one scheme is adopted to carry on the...

Authors: Jie Xu Zhang, Cheng Fang Zhang

Abstract: To increase the efficiency of float valve tray in plate column, a combined directed valve tray was developed. Comparative analysis of tray...

Authors: Guang Yan Huang, Shun Shan Feng, Pei Qing Liu, Chun Mei Liu

Abstract: The blockage damage to the movable target on the ground with the mode of deterring is an important aspect of research about the fragment...


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