Manufacturing Science and Materials Engineering

Volumes 443-444

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Sha Zhu, Bin Tang, Li Juan Qu, Wei Yuan, Quan Fu Zhang

Abstract: Based on the modified Maxwell-Wagner model, the molecular dynamics method is applied to simulate the three-dimensional structural changes of...

Authors: Li Li Su, Yu Mei Liu, Jian Su, Guan Xu, Tao Peng, Min Jia

Abstract: Thepresent paper presents a design procedure and prototype of detection system, which uses high-precision grating displacement sensor as the...

Authors: Jiang Gui Han, Xin Yue Wu, Ping Hao Zhang

Abstract: In the paper, the interface crack of rubber - metal ring under the radial displacement load was studied by nonlinear finite element method,...

Authors: Bo Yu

Abstract: Considering the prediction of thermal machine tool error data this paper proposes using GM (1,1) model of gray system to predict machine...

Authors: Hong Liang Zhou, Wei Xiao Tang, Qing Hua Song

Abstract: High-speed milling (HSM) has advantages in high productivity high precision and low production cost. Thus it can be widely used in the...

Authors: Shi Ming Ma, Li Gang Cai, Yong Sheng Zhao, Zhi Feng Liu, Tie Neng Guo, Qiang Cheng

Abstract: The spindle shaft of heavy load deflection angle milling head is an important functional component of 5-axis CNC machine tool, which has...

Authors: Shu Yun Zhu, De Li Jiang, Yu Fang, Ji Min Xie, Min Chen

Abstract: Acylation of acenaphthene with benzoyl chloride to 5-benzoylacenaphthene catalyzed by [Bmin]Cl/AlCl3 ([Bmin]+ =...

Authors: Jiang Qi Long, Si Jia Zhou, Ping Yu

Abstract: The reciprocating compressor contains crank-rod mechanism whose unbalanced inertia force mainly accounts for mechanical noise and vibration...

Authors: Bao Ying Peng, Qiu Shi Han

Abstract: With the development of auto industry and aviation industry,the cam quality requirements higher and higher. The NURBS curve has excellent...

Authors: Fan Gong Kong, Chen Fu Li, Wei Zhang, Shou Juan Wang, Lin Wei

Abstract: Paper properties, including physical properties and optical properties, fiber quality analysis and COD in the pulp effluent were used to...


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